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Weekends with the Wigglesworths-Take it Easy

Happy Saturday, friends. As usual, I'm relieved that the weekend is here This time of the year is always pretty chaotic feeling to me, but there is something especially unnerving about it this year. I have found this past week to be particularly stress-inducing. 
A nightly lack of sleep combined with early mornings will do that to you, especially when it's accompanied by longer days at home, making sure 3 kids stay on task during the school day (I fluctuate between feeling grateful and sad when I think about how little my oldest needs me to remind her), extremely limited adult interactions, and just trying to keep up with all of the day to day things that are part of life. 
It doesn't seem like so much, especially compared to others that still have a job to go to, but here I am, still stressed out. 

 This weekend, instead of making any kind of plans (that I may stick to and feel really good about or may not stick to and feel really really awful about) I am just going to wing the day. I shared a to-do list, of sorts, on the MBP Facebook page this morning and there is one thing on the list that I'll be more than happy to check off.- "Take it easy". I think I will, thanks!

I hope that you have an excellent day today and if this past week was rough for you too, I hope that you'll have the chance to take it easy this weekend. 

Have a spectacular Saturday!

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