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Weekend Crafting with Salt Dough Ornaments!


In my normal non- Covid life, this youth director is typically running around as a crazy woman during the season of Advent. Fundraisers, Christmas Programs, Holiday Congregational events take a lot of time! 

This year, the season of Advent has been busy in some ways, but slower in other ways. While there is not as much in person relational activity going on this year, I've still tried to help our families slow down and prep for Christmas in their own way. 

No matter what holiday traditions your family has, Salt Dough Ornaments are a good activity to engage in. They are kid friendly, hands-on, require little ingredients, and can be lots of fun! 

Grab your materials together: 1/2 C. Salt, 1/2 C. Flour, 1/8- 1/3 C. Water, Pencil/ Straw, Ribbons, Coloring tools (watercolors, markers, other paint), Bowl, Spoon, Rolling Pin, Cooking Tray, Cookie Cutters, and Mod Podge Sealant. 

Preheat Oven to 250. In a medium mixing bowl, add flour and salt together. Gradually stir in water so the dough doesn't get sticky! Salt Dough needs to be dry, like most cookie dough- so that it is roll-able and flexible! After the dough is formed, roll it out (kids can do this too!) and smooth the top. 

With your favorite cookie cutter or stamp, make your ornaments! Use the straw or pencil to make a hole big enough for ribbon to go through. Ornaments can be placed on a baking sheet (parchment paper or spray is great for non-sticking!) and put in the oven for about 2 hours. Dough needs to be hardened when removing from the oven. 

Cool ornaments for several hours and/or overnight before decorating. As you can see, I am not the artist, but they were still fun to make!

 Don't forget to use a sealant so the ornaments will last longer! 

Have you ever made Salt Dough Ornaments with your family?

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