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Thank you to EZ Mini Band for sending me the band bundle in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Despite time with personal trainers and group exercise classes, I've always been intimated by certain forms of gym equipment, such as exercise bands. Those little elastic bands can be so difficult to work with during quick moving sessions! Whether it's ripping, getting the bands situated just so, or just the burn that comes from elastic usage around legs and thights, these things have always annoyed me! 

After personal budget crunches that occurred a while ago, my gym workouts ceased and I entered back into the foray of home workouts. While typically focusing on cardio options such as walks or dancing, I've often needed little equipment at home. I've always kept a yoga mat and hand weights around, but not much more than that. 

During the pandemic, I've been looking for other ways to exercise, esp. after long Zoom hours in a chair, so my sister introduced me to an on-demand program. While trying out various classes using my floor mat, I realized that I needed additional objects to get the best workouts possible. When the opportunity to try EZ Mini Bands came up, I decided to try them out because I was NOT looking forward to using those little elastic resistance bands again. 

EZ Mini Band was born because a trainer saw his clients' frustration at the use of plastic elastic bands. After watching countless episodes of tripping, snapping/breakage, hair loss, and tangled issues that were not only time consuming but destructive to workouts, Matt Mosebar realized he needed to create something better. Thus, the EZ Mini Band was born!

The EZ Mini Band offers 3 resistance levels: green (20 lbs), blue (35 lbs) and black (50 lbs). Made with a polyester/ latex fabric, the bands are easily adjustable and are made to not roll up or slip off. A buckle makes for quick and easy transitions during workouts. 

I love using these bands! Not having used resistance bands for years, I was hesitant as to what I was getting myself into, as I have gradually been upgrading my workout levels. I admit- I've not been in the best shape and have had to get used to working out with weights again before even adding new equipment in the routine! 

Due to my fitness level, I've mainly stuck with the low resistance EZ mini band but have gradually been incorporating the medium in as I gain in strength and skillset. 

When following a fast-paced on-demand video, I found I didn't have to fiddle with these bands as much as I have in years past. I only needed to pause the video if the band needed to be adjusted tighter, as that took a tad bit longer than taking the band on and off. 

The exercises I have focused on while using these bands have focused mostly on legs and glutes. Planks, bridges, leg lifts, crossovers, etc are all ones I've used with the bands. 

Belts can also be buckled together if exercises involving a wall or floor anchor are needed, such as presses or hinges. 

If you are looking for a resistance resource to add to your home gym, I definitely recommend the EZ Mini Band collection. These bands are made for quick, easy, accessible usage during work-outs. They stay in place, don't roll, and so far haven't snapped on me! I can honestly say that I enjoy using these bands in my work-outs- and that's not something I ever thought I'd say! While I still have a long ways to go regarding strength, these bands make it easier to focus on form and not on annoying equipment. 

This holiday season, gift yourself or a loved one a set of EZ Mini Bands. Having a set, or even one resistance level, adds so much to the home workout! Those people in your life who have been talking about needing to upgrade gym equipment or need new ways to seek out resistance and difficulty levels will enjoy using these bands. These bands will help us reach new fitness levels despite the amount of time spent on screens this year! I definitely recommend the EZ Mini Band be added to your holiday gift guide list! 

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One (1) Lucky Reader will win their very own EZ Band Bundle!  Bundles include one light (20 lb), one medium (35 lb) , and one high (50 lb) resistance band. 

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Do you use resistance bands during your workouts?


  1. actually my daughter would use these to strengthen her leg muscles. She had knee surgery and had a meniscus repair in 2016 and needs to constantly do some sort of exercise to keep the pain at bay. At 19, she is still young but exercise helps her to take care of herself better.

  2. I'd use them to build leg strength.


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