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Things to Consider When Buying a Daybed


The good thing about daybeds is that they’re extremely functional, you can use them both indoors and outdoors. They're stylish, too, which makes them a worthy addition to your space. These “mini” beds are perfect for comfortable sitting and lounging, and of course, sleeping! Its seat is deeper than your regular couch, but much shorter than an actual bed, making it that perfect piece of in-between for comfortable sitting.

If you’re thinking about investing in daybeds, be mindful of several considerations so you can make the best choice.

Here are some of the more important elements of a daybed that you should know about, so you can make the most informed decision for your purchase.


When looking at daybed, it’s not just the design that you should prioritize. Especially if you intend to use it outdoors, you need to find a daybed that uses materials fit for outdoor use. This way, you not only get great value for your money, you also guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy using it for longer.

Daybeds can come in a variety of base materials: wood, wicker, metal, or sometimes even leather. Wood daybeds tend to be constructed more like sofas, while metal ones are most ideal for bed functionalities. Either way, make sure that the daybed is sturdy enough for lounging or sleeping in. There are also daybeds made up of composite materials, such as a combination of wood and metal, to marry the best of both materials in function and aesthetic.


Apart from the frame, daybeds also come with their own mattress. Usually, they’ll come in twin-size, which makes it easy to cover. Simply use the same sized sheets as on the bed and add in some pillows to complete the effect.

 In some cases, the daybed comes with a foam material instead, making it lighter than a full-blown daybed. This is ideal for daybeds that come with a swing set, which makes it that perfect spot for some afternoon nap in the summer as you hang out in your backyard.


Speaking of which, daybeds do come in swing sets, if that’s what you’d like. Normally, however, it is made up of the frame or body, and the supporting slats for the mattress. It can also come with link springs instead, depending on what mattress material is used.

That said, you can match the style of your daybed to the overall theme of your chosen space. Do you want a more relaxed vibe in your background? A wooden or wicker daybed can add warmth and rustic vibes to that concept.

Are you leaning more towards using the daybed indoors? Go for a classier look that can be flexible enough to adapt to what the room looks like unless you want it to be that one, outstanding piece in the room.

It can also be done in various colors and finishes too, from light-colored pastels to dark, heavy wood. Metal daybeds can also come in brass, chrome, or silver, to name a few.

Daybed Add-Ons                                                                                       

Otherwise known as a trundle, these add-ons create more functional space in your daybed. Trundles are pull-out drawers from under the daybed, giving you some of that much-needed additional storage. In some cases, the drawers are replaced by a trundle or pull-out mattress instead, thereby providing additional sleeping space. In some designs, these can also be pushed up to the same height as the bed itself, which then gives you a larger bed space.

This is a great option especially for those who love to host people over but might have some space limitations. Simply push the trundle or mattress back under the daybed to stow it away during the day, reclaiming the floor space it used when spread out.

Overall, therefore, you should add daybeds to your must-haves list, especially if you’re all about enjoying a good snuggle. Whether inside your home or outside in the backyard, a good quality daybed adds some functional design to your space.

These are but some of the basic considerations you need to take when deciding on adding a daybed for your home. Ultimately, you would want to get an item that not only serves a functional purpose but also adds that extra appeal to your interior or backyard design.


  1. I really like the trundle style! thank you for all this important info

  2. Great info to know! I've been wanting to convert an unused room in my house into a game room and add a daybed.


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