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These 6 Ravishing Jewels Will Definitely Stun You


Do you like sparkly things? Are you the one who always buys shiny clothes? If yes, then you may be the person who stops at every jewelry shop now and then. A piece of jewelry is strong enough you make or break your look in seconds. There are Instagram influencers who have been creating some great looks by using just a piece of jewelry from their collection. 

Isn’t it beautiful how a ravishing piece can change the entire look? But sometimes it becomes difficult to choose. There are plenty of options available and it is obvious that you will get confused. So here we are again to help you in choosing some of the best jewelry pieces that you need to add to your collection. 

So, here is our list of some jewelry pieces that you can definitely buy!! 

Big Earrings 

Big earrings are a statement in themselves, Especially Indian style earrings popularly known as ‘jhumkas’. They are easy to carry and goes with both your Indian and western outfits. Most of the girls in India will have at least a pair of these earrings in their wardrobe. There are different varieties of these jhumkas and are available in different styles and prices. You can also buy these jhumkas online


Chokers for a reason are appealing to your eyes. Since the time they have arrived, there is no going back. They are one of the most latest fashion that suits all your outfits. Especially, young girls love to style them in different ways. Started from black thread chokers to metallic chokers, the revolution has been great. They can be layered in different ways or can be worn independently as a statement piece. 

Statement rings 

When you go to the jewelry shop, rings are the first choice of every woman. Statement rings are bold and beautiful. They represent purity and perfection and can add glamour to your casual look and formal look. they can be worn on every occasion possible. So if you’re planning to buy something, invest in a good statement ring.


A necklace can be a fantastic addition to pull together the entire look. You can buy a simple necklace and pair it with your denim and a plain tee or a heavy gold necklace to pair up with your Indian outfits and you will be good to go. It is not necessary to wear them on your ethnic outfits only. Layering is also an option for you. 


According to Indian customs and beliefs, every married woman in India wears bangles. They can be worn individually or as a set of different bangles on your wrists. They are made up of gold, diamonds, and silk too. You can also get your hands on oxidized bangles to add a bohemian look to your jewelry collection that can be paired up with both your Indian and western outfits. 

Nose Rings 

Nose piercing is something chosen as a way to express individuality. The primary reason why people gravitate towards the nose piercing aesthetic- the way it looks. There are different options like the gold nose ring, oxidized nose rings are available in the market. Also, it’s a tradition to pierce your nose after marriage in different parts of India. Especially in the North and South India. Have you ever wondered "can a nose ring close up"?, read the article to know the answer.

These are some of the ravishing jewelry pieces that every woman should own. You can buy these things offline and online too. it is a great way to save time and get great discounts and you will be surprised to see a wide variety of jewelry especially earrings online if you’re looking for a statement piece.

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  1. I have had my nose pierced for YEARS. There are so many pretty rings and studs you can get.


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