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Sugar & Spice.. and Everything Nice with Love Mom! #MBPHoliday #Review


Thank you to Love, Mom for providing a sampler set in exchange for this review! All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Holidays often bring memories of family gatherings, kitchens, and the secret family recipe. In our family, traditions included Peanut Butter Pinwheel Candy, Russian Tea Cakes, and Sugar cookies. As I've been in the south for several years, many families often break out their variations of chex-mix, "White Trash" or some other savory/ sweet combination of their favorite ingredients. 

With this holiday season being very unusual, you might not be able to celebrate normal traditions with your family members far off. Consider sending them one of the fabulous flavors from Love, Mom. Made just like her mom used to, founder and owner Rachael Korman has created amazing holiday flavors to suit everyone needs! After fighting the corporate life and losing her job at the start of Covid-19, Rachael realized her passion was sharing her snack gifts with others, just as her mom used to do with her and her friends on holiday or school breaks. 

Love Mom Snack mixes are made with the best ingredients: rice cereal, peanut butter, chocolates, cookie crumbs, and even candy buttons or sprinkles! 32 ounces of your favorite flavor arrives in a reusable jar with a pretty bow and card. When placing your order, remember to add a special handwritten message that is included with your package when its shipped out. These flavored jars of snack goodness are called "Moms" to remind us of the joy that the special someone, whether its Mom, or someone else, can bring to our lives. 

Love Mom's Holiday Flavor is the Sugar & Spice Mom. Cue the classic Gingerbread flavors here! Rice Cereal coated in white chocolate, tossed with real gingerbread cookies and red chocolate buttons is a treat the Gingerbread lover will enjoy. I must admit- I've never been a gingerbread fan, but the sweetness combined with the classic spices of nutmeg, molasses, and cinnamon definitely reminded me of traditions and memories passed with my own grandmother. 

Gingerbread not your thing? I'm sure you will find solace in one of the other 4 flavors: The Classic Mom, The Cookies N' Crave Mom, The Celebrate Everything Mom, and the Campfire Mom. Each of these flavors has their own unique twist! 

The Classic is the original flavor with it's milk chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. 

Cookies N' Crave starts out with delicious Oreo cookie chunks combined with classic rice cookies to make the most wonderful treat that will surely be gone in minutes. Seriously, so far this is my favorite flavor! 

The Celebrate Everything Mom is full of peanut-butter goodness with rice squares covered in white chocolate, sprinkles, and powdered sugar. A must for any celebration in the home- from birthdays, anniversaries, or just "because we need to celebrate something good" occasions!

The Campfire Mom reminds you of nights by the fire, smores, and family adventures with it's chocolate covered rice squares, marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers. 

Can't decide on just one? Choose 3 Flavors in the Mini Sampler Set. Each container is  full of 16 ounces of the most delicious snacks! 

Love, Mom snacks will make great gifts for anyone- whether you are staying home or mailing all of your gifts off this year! Don't forget to grab one for yourself- after-all, you need to enjoy the holidays too! Free Nationwide Shipping is included with each purchase so make sure to grab your Sugar & Spice Mom before  New Year! 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase the Sugar & Spice Mom or any of the other flavors on Love Mom's Website! 

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Do you have a favorite holiday treat in your home?


  1. These sound so good. I think I would love Campfire Mom.

  2. Such yummy flavors! The Mini Sampler Set would be a nice gift for my sisters.


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