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Should You Winterize Your Vehicle?


Since this year has been unlike any other year that we've managed to live through, taking extra safety precautions has almost become second nature at this point. It seems like we've put a lot of thought into our personal safety and health, but what about the safety of our vehicles? With many families either working from home or attending virtual classes, we haven't had the need to drive very far this year. However; with the holidays upon us, so many of us will be on the roads finishing up last-minute shopping, driving to see Christmas lights, or maybe going to a family member's home for a socially safe gathering. Whatever it may be that has you getting in your car and on the roads, this winter, stop and think about the last time you had your car serviced?

For me, it was when I purchased my vehicle earlier this year, and wouldn't you know it, it's now due for an oil change! So, if you find yourself like me, needing an oil change this winter, here are some things you should ask about the next time you head to the dealership for service. 

1. Low Viscosity Oil: Lower Viscosity oil (sometimes known as a winter blend,) flows easier in the winter time and can help your engine and car start easier and perform better in the winter. Check with your Dealership service department, like Hendrick Jeep Wilmington, or mechanic to see if your car would benefit from switching to a lower viscosity. 

2. Top Off Fluids, and Change Wiper Fluid to Below Freezing Fluid: If you live in a colder area that tends to have steady below freezing temps in the winter, consider changing your windshield wiper fluid. There are many brands out there that make wiper fluid specifically set to have a lower freeze point, making it perfect for those of us that live in colder regions. Switching out to this type of fluid will help keep your windshield clean in the winter and avoid it clogging lines or freezing in the fluid container. This is a huge help if you happen to find yourself on a road trip through the snow or freezing rain. The build up of salt and sand on the roads can greatly impair your windshield's vision, cleaning your windshield is imperative for safety! 

3. New Tires: It's important to check the tread on your tires monthly, but it's even more important to check them when the roads are wet, or snowfilled. Driving with the wrong type of tire in uncertain weather conditions can cause more damage to your vehicle, but could potentially put you in a dangerous situation. All tires are not made equally and some are specifically made for snow and ice. By checking with your local dealership or mechanic, they can help you decide which winter/snow tires are best for your driving conditions and area. 

4. New Windshield Wiper Blades: There are few things worse when you're driving than trying to clean your windshield, only to be met with smears, streaks or the rubber stripping from the blade. During the winter, when weather conditions can turn treacherous in an instant, being able to see is again, imperative. Having new wiper blades in ensure that your vision is not impaired by a dirty or blocked windshield. 

Whatever you decide to do this year, always check with your local dealership's service department or mechanic. They'll give you the best advice or suggestions to get your car in tip-top shape this winter!    

This post was brought to you by Hendrick Jeep Wilmington.

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