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Second Lockdown: Five Tips On How To Keep Your Family Sane While Staying Indoors


In addition to the stress and insecurity that most of us are already experiencing from the pandemic itself, the 'new normal' is changing everything, from how we interact with our loved ones to the way we do business.

At times like this, underlying mental health problems also get exacerbated. So, how can we cope with all this isolation, stress and boredom, manage at home with kids and make the most of this break from civilization? Here are a few tips to help you stay sane while you and your family are stuck at home.

Find Your Ideal Routine

Plan your day for yourself and your children every day. It will give you a sense of purpose and keep you focused. You need to experiment to figure out what schedule is best for you, but make sure to find your perfect daily routine. 

Whilst a large population is at home these days, we would also recommend trying activities such as cooking or cleaning that can alleviate your mood by giving you a sense of satisfaction and making your surroundings better. We recommend trying these activities while incorporating CBD oil into your aromatherapy or adding a few drops into your meals and beverages. Cannabidiol (CBD) has the potential to relax, relieve stress and anxiety and can, therefore, make household chores enjoyable. You can also treat yourself with tasty yet beneficial CBD gummies to help boost mood and energy levels or improve your sleep quality.

Keep Up With Learning

If you have kids, online learning can be part of their new routine. However, if it doesn't work for some reason or you can't set this up, they still need to learn.

Make time each day for your kids learning as part of your routine. While online resources are very helpful, don't leave it all to the screen. Sharpen your pencils, grab paper and study together. Do age-appropriate school assignments, have them read, do math drills, study maps, learn geography and write stories.

Incorporate Some Time For Yourself

Whether you love walking, meditating, cycling, taking a hot bath, reading or watching movies, encourage each member of your family to go to separate rooms and do their favourite activities every day for a certain period. We all need a break and a quiet time from each other from time to time.

Avoid Conflicts


Identify your feelings and primary causes of stress and try to prevent a stressful mindset with techniques and strategies like meditation or simply counting till ten. As an alternative, you can set some time away from each other if you start to feel like the situation begins to heat up and get out of control. Sit in separate rooms and take at least a 15-minute timeout to let everyone calm down and reduce tension.


Consider using quarantine as an opportunity to look after and help each other while being at home and make this time together as comfortable as possible.

Maintain Physical Activity & Go Outside

It is well known that both mental and physical health go hand in hand. Exercising together not only allows you to be physically active, but it also gives you family bonding time. 

You can create your own exercise regimen based on the furniture and equipment you have at home, or follow workout videos on Youtube, Netflix or other streaming platforms. Whether you love yoga, pilates or dancing, there are many exercises you can do at home with your kids.

Also, it is a great idea to bring your kids out to play or exercise. The sunshine, fresh air and nature will do wonders for your health and general wellness.

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