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Planning Vacation Post COVID-19: Advice to follow


COVID-19 pandemic has changed our living patterns. Not only in short terms, it has complicated things holistically from getting out of our houses to meeting our near ones. 

As countries closed borders, everyone stayed back at home for months self-quarantining themselves. It had questioned all senses of normalcy. However, today the travel industry is gradually opening up. People who have canceled their plans are looking to stretch their legs.  

Yet, questions like how to plan vacation post-COVID-19, what precautions are to be taken, and how to choose the destination start flooding minds frequently. Here we have gathered some points to know about how to travel in 2021 and planning your first post-COVID vacation.


Go through travel restrictions

Before you travel, go through the travel guidelines of your destination. Besides you need to stay up to date on the latest recommendations and restrictions. Keeping a check for potential changes regularly can help make sure you know everything about your destination. To be on top of these rapidly changing guidelines you can bookmark a few sites to get the latest updates. 

Avoid Coronavirus hotspots

Choose your destination wisely, avoiding the Coronavirus hotspots. Many states still have higher positivity rates. Compare the positivity rates of all the states. Watch out for the CDC’s COVID data tracker which will help you in tracking the number of cases in the state. 

Pack a pandemic essentials bag

Accumulate all the pandemic essentials in advance, as shortages and excessive delivery times are possible. The commodities should include a face mask, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, health insurance cards, a thermometer, latex gloves, and a hand soap. To avoid unnecessary stops during traveling you can carry snacks and drinks with you. 

Booking accommodations with precautions

To encourage travel many hotels around the world are offering discounts. While others have framed new lobby rules. When you book accommodation consider the apartment that takes the proper precautions and cleaning guidelines. Experts and professional accommodation owners suggest here https://www.thepuravidahouse.com/costa-rica-beach-resort/ that it is better to pay in advance for your stay. It should help not only secure your booking but also enjoy a contactless interaction with the hotel staff.

Know everyone’s risk status

According to CDC notes those with an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 should avoid traveling. People with basic health conditions including older adults like grandparents should limit their travel. Speak to your doctor about your risk status and take all the preventive measures as guided by the doctor.  

Your mode of transportation

It’s impossible to know which type of travel is safer than others. Maintaining social distancing can be difficult on crowded flights sitting within 6 feet of others for hours. If you are flying, carrying a TSA-compliant pandemic essential bag with an extra pair of clothes to change can help minimize risk. Bus and train stations and stops are the places where you could pick the virus from people and surfaces. That is why experts suggest wearing face masks and sanitization to have more control over surroundings.


We have traveled the world, and we will travel again. But for now, let’s continue taking some preventive measures before going out of our houses. These findings mentioned above can help you fill gaps in health security and hygiene capacity before making any booking decisions.

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