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Okaysou Air Purifer #MBPHoliday20 #Review


Thank you Okaysou for sending me this AirMic4s in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

After year of living in an apartment complex, one often becomes to the things that could be considered obnoxious, but it doesn't mean we like it. As my apartment connects to several others, the air ducts not only carry smells but also smoke, dust, and other impure things through the air systems into my home. 

Air purifiers exist to filter out all of those impurities that one may breathe. After dealing with recent smoke infiltration and having concerns regarding what else be in the air circulating my apartment, I decided to look further into air purifiers to see if they really are worth it! A sufferer of pollen related allergies, I hoped that one of these would not only help my sinus headaches but help keep my eyes from swelling shut in the middle of the night (yes- I'm still amazed that happens.. but alas, pollen!) 

Okaysou sent an AirMic4S Medical Grade purifier that is meant for allergies and pets. This purifier contains a H13 HEPA Filter that cycles air particles as small as .3 microns through its system to relieve air of dust, pollen, gases.. and even odors! It claims to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other harmful gases that circulate our air system. 

This AirMic 4S is a small but powerful electronic that circulates air through my bedroom! Meant for small to medium rooms, this purifier circulates air effectively for spaces up to 580 sq ft. Considering my entire apartment is only 1100 sq ft, this is a great size for my living space! 

After pulling it out of the box, it's very easy to set up! Follow instructions to pop in the filter, plug it into a desired location, and off it goes to do the job it's created to do! The top contains very readable button options and even has a light! Button options include: low, medium, and high speed indicators, a timer indicator and switch, the on/off switch, filter reset switch, sleep mode, and dimmer switch. The air purifier does require an outlet with at least 110-120 V system.

While the timer option could be set to 8 hr, 24 hr, or no timer; so far I've let the air purifier do it's thing all day long. It's rather quiet and while I can hear if it the place is silent, it is not really distracting because it's such a light hum. 

 I've used the sleep mode selection so that it goes dim and quiet at night because I'm an incredibly light sleeper (you would thinking that living in an apartment complex for years would change that but alas it hasn't). The night mode turns the fan speed to low, turns off all lights, including a nightlight that is available. At night, it's so silent I don't even notice it! 

It's Air filter is easy to replace too! The recommendation is to change the filter every 6-8 months. A filter indicator light exists to remind us to check our filters- because let's be honest, that is just something we will forget! The AirMic4S also comes with a washable and detachable pre-filter that catches those larger particles of dust, dander, hair, etc to help make the HEPA filter last longer. The HEPA filter will catch 99.97 of those air particles I discussed above. Replacement filters include: Germ Defense Filter, Toxin Absorber filter, Pet Allergy Filter, and Odor Remover Filter. 

After talking with a few friends who have air purifiers, most leave theirs circulating right now due to the effects of Covid, being around people, and wanting to be safe as possible. Before Covid-19 hit, many only circulated their air when home (so evenings, nights, etc). I'm honestly not sure if I would need it circulating when I'm gone all day, but I'm still in a hybrid work/home option, so I've left it going since I want to be as safe as possible right now.

It's winter, so my worries of pollen have died down but the collections of dust and other particles flowing through the ductwork makes me want to continue to leave this running! I won't see the effects of an electricity bill until next month, but hopefully it won't draw any more energy than having the Christmas lights on all the time. 

So far, I've noticed that I do breathe better, I sleep better, and I hope its effects will help me well into pollen season! With it's 5 year warranty, the AirMic4s will last a long time too!

This season, gift you or a loved one an Okaysou Air Purifier. While the AirMic4S fits my needs, Okaysou has plenty of larger air purifiers that might fit your larger homes with ease! 

Perhaps your loved one will breathe better and sleep easier with an Okaysou Air Purifier.. or at least rest with a piece of mind that all the bad stuff in their air is being filtered through a medical grade HEPA filter! 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase the AirMic4S or any other Okaysou Product through Amazon or the Okaysou Website

Follow Okaysou on Facebook and Instagram and stay up to date with how their products can improve your air quality! 

Do you use an air purifier?

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  1. I have really bad pet dander and dusct allergies. I could really benefit from this I think!


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