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Improve Your Table Tennis Game With Butterfly #MBPHoliday20


Thanks to Butterfly for sending product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

When my husband and I were in college, we loved to play table tennis on campus. We became quite good at this engaging game! Fast forward fifteen years and we have our very own table to share with our family.

If you're like me and never realized a company existed that created unique, high-quality products made specifically for the table tennis player, you've stumbled across the right blog today! Since we purchased a greatly used and I'm sure loved table a few years back, my family and I have been playing and sharpening our skills.

However, this was not our first rodeo! My boys have been enjoying the game for longer at our community pool. I believe table tennis is an amazing way for young kids to sharpen hand-eye coordination, learn about turn-taking and how it feels to lose. This is something kids need to learn! When my children began playing years ago, it reignited my love for the game. Finding a used table online was completely unexpected! We wondered where we would put such a large item but ultimately decided to place the table in our basement. The room is currently under construction to become the ultimate GAME ROOM!

The more research I did about table tennis products, a company called Butterfly continued to pop up in my searches. I was beyond thrilled when they agreed to partner with Mommy's Block Party because I knew if I was interested in table tennis gear, some of you may be too. I have been super pumped to share all about this amazing company with you!

They sent me this beautiful Tori Lady Tracksuit and when I tell you that comfort was a priority in this design- WOW. The pants literally feel like I am wearing pajama pants. They are so incredibly soft on the inside and the jacket fits like a glove. This set is in a size large on me and the price is between $53-$64. This price point is well worth it and I can tell each piece is made with quality in mind. There are some amazing track suits offered on the website but please hurry and checkout the closeout sales happening right now!

Butterfly has everything from apparel, to footwear to paddles and gear! You can even purchase a top of the line table on the website. 

You can order an amazing table like this for $599. This is the perfect table for home use. It is compact and sturdy and comes with a three year warranty. Our second hand table is certainly not as nice as this table, but until we can splurge for an amazing Butterfly table, ours will have to do!

I've also been enjoying these Lezoline high end table tennis shoes in my daily life as well as when I engage in a game. They are $89 on the website and come in a variety of beautiful colors! I chose this vibrant shade in lime green and love the way they pair with the black track suit. 


If you're looking for the perfect gift for the person in your life who LOVES table tennis but also just loves quality apparel and footwear, Butterfly has you covered. Head over to their website and get some last minute holiday shopping in but also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss out on sales!

Thanks so much to Butterfly for partnering with us to share all about their amazing table tennis products! You're sure to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list this holiday season. 


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