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How To Tell When Your Home Wiring Needs An Upgrade



When it comes to saving costs to maintain your household and decreasing the cost of electricity in singapore, most people overlook rewiring work as something important to spend money upgrading. It isn’t surprising looking at how wires work behind the opaque linings of our walls and insulators, that people often see no harm in underplaying the safety hazards and benefits of upgrading your electrical system. With new technology and appliances we adopt every day with the proliferation of online shopping, looking out for signs that your wires are increasingly unable to handle the current energy consumption of newer and heavier appliances is extremely important to stay ahead in.

Everyone should stay alert in looking out for signs that their wires are becoming damaged and worn out as that could very much save you from tripped circuits, electrocution, or even your system collapsing in your home. 

Signs that you need to start considering upgrading

Moving into or living in old apartments

Electrical upgrading works need to be done around every 20 to 30 years. So if you are moving into or live in an older apartment, there is a good chance that the electrical wiring there is just as old as it is. It is always safest to get an electrician to give your home a good “full body checkup” so that you can know its current conditions, as well as an estimate of when upgrading would be recommended, or if there are any hazardous signs that already require fixing. 

Noticing that outlets look or behave weirdly

Electrical energy consumption can get quite dangerous when the system supporting it is aged and not up to date. Old systems can lead to overheated wires and outlets, so look out for outlets that look charred or off-color. These could be signs of the outlets getting burned and scarred by overheated wires.

Another sign to look out for that is most telltale and dangerous is the sparking of electrical outlets. This means that the material insulating the wire has melted, probably from the voltage generating an amount of heat beyond its ability to channel. This could lead to house fires in the worst-case scenario, especially if it is connected to heavy-duty electrical appliances or is located near fire hazards like gas cylinders under kitchen stoves.

Circuit breaker tripping repeatedly

Your circuit breaker is the automatic electrical switch that cuts off power once it detects an overload or short circuit to prevent any further damage to your wires. It can be easily reset, but if you notice that it’s constantly tripping, it is probably signaling that your outlet is channeling the wrong electrical current, or that your current system is unable to support the amount of energy actively being channeled in your apartment.

Light bulbs fusing

Another symptom of a wiring problem is noticing that your light bulbs have been fusing often even after they have been newly changed. This could be due to their sockets generating too much energy and heat, leading them to run hotter and fuse when they have melted their joints.

What to expect when you decide to upgrade your electrical system

If you have noticed one or more of the signs we mentioned and have decided to upgrade your electrical system, here are the basics of what you can expect and the concepts of the procedures that would be done.

What is being upgraded is often your electrical panel, so that bigger amounts of electricity can flow more efficiently into your home as we continue buying and using more high tech and modern appliances. This is why it is important to keep your systems and wires up to date and have them checked every 10 years as our living conditions often have new standards set. Once your electrical panel has been replaced or fixed, your wires will be able to channel more electrical energy than they did before, so you will have to also upgrade your meter and circuit breaker so that they can better prevent damages from short circuits and overloading. Lastly, replacement of your wires and outlets, as well as adding more circuits might also be needed.

Still not convinced?

If you are still not convinced that you should have to do anything about your home wiring system, you have to be aware of the following risks that have compromised many homes and lives because of outdated electrical systems that went neglected and overlooked for too long.

Damaging your own well-loved appliances

Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars on a new microwave, laptop, or television set, but start wondering why they are overheating or malfunctioning every time they are connected to the sockets to be powered or charged? The heartbreak is real.

With most people putting aside electrical system upgrades to save cost, it is often too late when they realize that they are costing themselves more as faulty wires damage the appliances they are connected to by transmitting the wrong strength of the current, spoiling these devices.

Fire hazard

This is one of the most well known but also the most underestimated risks of sticking with an old wiring system. Today, electrical fires remain the top few causes of house fires across urban cities all over the world. It is normal for us now to stay connected and keep devices in our homes even when we are out, such as the wi-fi and fridge. Outdated wires which have become worn down and exposed from their melted insulation cause electrical fires, which get worsened as they are often in close proximity with the flammable electrical appliance they are hooked up to.


When it comes to wires, it is important to keep them in check for any holes or signs of melting in the insulation wrapping the wires that protect you from being electrocuted. They are often wrapped by materials like plastic which can melt when the wires are overheated, and many people have electrocuted themselves by simply touching a switch after washing their hands or taking a bath because they had not noticed that their wires had already been worn down and exposed.


Congratulations, you can now be alert to signs of an out-of-date system to keep your humble abode safe for everyone and every appliance living in it! Now that you know about the importance of upgrading your electrical system, make sure to keep your wires in check and ask for a professional’s opinion on the state of your home every decade.

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