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How to decorate your Rental Wall Without a Fuss from Landlord

 Having a room for rent gives you a lot of freedom from restrictions that you would otherwise have if you lived at home with family or in a college dorm. But you might have to cater to your landlord’s requests at times, especially when it comes to changing the decor to personalize your room for rent and make it homely.

Learn the tricks to decorate your walls without irking the landlord! Source: Pexels.com

Decorating your rental is an essential step when you move into a new place as it helps to adjust to the novelty of the changed location, which might make you feel homesick at times. There are many options for customizing other decor elements, but you might struggle to decorate your walls without causing any trouble with the home-owner! Here are a few ways for you to decorate your rental wall without a fuss from your landlord.

  1. Plate it up! 

Plates can be a great value addition to your wall decor while being entirely removable to avoid any complications with your landlord. You can either buy up a storm from ethnic and antique stores around your room for rent or use a few artistic skills to paint and repurpose old dishes into beautiful looking showpieces! With the ongoing pandemic, most of us have turned into young Picasso’s due to time availability. Follow an easy tutorial online and save a ton of money while having fun creating your own art. 

Ethnic plates to make your wall look colorful and vibrant! Source: Pexels.com 

  1. Mirrors of all shapes and sizes

Mirrors are an inexpensive decor tool to light up your room for rent and make it look upbeat and trendy. Not only do mirrors bounce off any light falling on them to further illuminate your room, but they also create the illusion of a bigger room. This is important, especially if you have a room for rent in Atlanta, Charlotte, or similar cities, where you have rented relatively smaller spaces in apartments and can use the feel of a larger home. 

Side Note: It’s noteworthy that rentals in Atlanta, Charlotte, Boston have the largest homes in comparison to other cities in the US. 

Use mirrors to brighten your room. Source: Unsplash

  1. Removable wallpaper

Painting your room for rent is a big NO as it might need permission from the landlord. Even with the additional expense, removable wallpaper might come in handy for your room for rent if you have a short term lease and want to personalize it. Wallpapers add the finish that your space needs and do not involve much labor. You could DIY it or find professionals in your area to fix your place up speedily! You can decide on the wallpaper according to the rest of your interiors. If your room has dull colors, add a color-popping wallpaper for a good contrast. 

Add wallpaper of different hues to make your room colorful and energetic. Source: Unsplash

  1. Lights for the win

Lights can create a very soothing and comforting ambiance for your room for rent. You can make pretty arrangements on the walls with fairy lights, retro lamps, and low lying bulbs coupled with other decorative elements you add on the wall. Adding the right decor, enhanced with subtle lighting, makes all the difference in making your home look welcoming and vibrant.

A dull interior can be brightened with the help of some color. Source: Pixabay

  1. Mini art gallery

The best trick to personalize your room for rent is to deck your walls with the art you have created yourself. If you are moving away from home, you can add notes and paintings from your family back home to feel like you’re always close to them, no matter where they may be. Add sufficient lighting to highlight your little gallery and wow anyone who visits your room for rent. If you have a roommate, it can be a fun project to build up a wall and match it to the rest of your decor. 

Hang up some of your artwork to create a soothing atmosphere. Source: Pexels.com

  1. Hanging plants and succulents 

Plants don’t just effortlessly beautify your home, but they also make excellent companions for anyone adjusting to a new home away from home. Plants make your room a delightful space and add life to a dull and monotonous routine. Find the right type of plants like succulents or cacti that don’t need to be watered that often and thrive without much care if you have a busy lifestyle. You can hang them on your walls by placing them in charming little decorative pots, and voila, your wall instantly looks more animated. Having a little greenery around can be therapeutic and drive away any blues you’ve been feeling lately! 

Plants perk up any small spaces left on your walls and make your room for rent look friendly! 

Source: Pexels.com

  1. Origami if you feel frisky! 

Origami is an exciting and unique way to fill up any spaces on your wall(s) in your room for rent. All you need to do is find some scrap paper of different colors and rekindle your childhood memories to remodel your walls without making any significant changes. You could make little birds, lamp shades for your candles, or anything that your heart fancies! 

DIY decor is always the best as it does not compare to artifacts that anyone can buy from a store. You build memories and attach yourself to your rental by putting in thought and time into making the room for rent all yours. 

Origami is the answer to further beautification of your room for rent. Source: Pixabay

  1. Display Shelves

Add a modern-looking display shelf that doubles up as a storage unit! Source: Pexels.com

Display shelves add some storage space as well as a delightful effect to your walls. They can be screwed on with ease, and you can always decide to take them to your next room for rent! If you live in a room rental in Atlanta, there are many modern designs available at affordable prices at chain-stores like Ikea and Etsy. You can use them to display your collectibles or use them as a mini-library filled with all the books you own!   

Decorate your walls without any problems from your landlord and have a smooth sailing renting experience in your personalized room for rent!

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