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Have Yourself a COVID Little Christmas - COVID-Safe Holiday Ideas

2020 has been a year of change and learning to adapt. I never thought we would still be dealing with the effects of the coronavirus at Christmas, but here we are. It certainly makes it hard to get into the Christmas spirit with so much going wrong, so many still sick and at risk. Thankfully, human beings are resilient, unrelentingly optimistic, and downright creative. Read on for a list of ideas on how to get into the holiday spirit, while keeping health and safety in mind.

1. Drive around nearby neighborhoods to view Christmas lights

This is something my husband and I have been doing every year since college, anyway! It started out as something we did when we were too poor to go to a real lights display, but now it's a tradition. We put on our pajamas, crank up the Christmas tunes, make some hot cocoa to go, and drive to the fancy upscale neighborhoods in our area to check out the lights. 

2. Visit a Christmas lights drive-through show

These have been booming in popularity in recent years, and I'm sure shows like this will be more packed than ever this year. It's the ultimate social-distancing Christmas activity, sure to wow and entertain!

3. Bake cookies at home and watch a Christmas movie 

This is a classic holiday tradition that you would probably do anyway, but this year, you can use Netflix party to include friends and family!

4. Host a virtual gingerbread house making party

Invite your family and friends and spend time together virtually as you all create your gingerbread masterpieces. Up the ante by turning it into a contest! 

5. Drop off baked goods to loved ones

Whip up some delicious Christmas treats, bag everything up, and drop off your goodies at the door to your family and friends. 

6. Host a virtual Christmas Pajama Party

Purchase the same pair of Christmas jams and send them to your family. Take a group picture wearing them on Zoom! 

7. Host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Virtual Holiday Happy Hour

Who says your yearly traditions can't continue? They just might look a little different this year. And that's okay. 💓

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