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Grocery and Cooking Tips that Every Practical Mom Should Know


Being a mom is often hard, especially if with raising kids, you also have to deal with household chores, cooking, grocery shopping, and as of late, homeschooling. All of this combined is not only stressful but also requires you to be calm, organized, and responsible, which can also get overwhelming at times. 

Cooking meals for kids is a never ending story, and if you have picky eaters then you know how annoying things can be, especially when there are snacks in the mix. So, for that reason, here are some practical cooking and grocery tips that every mom should swear by.

Make a meal plan 

Planning meals is one of the most arduous tasks out there because you have to a) make sure that everyone’s on board and b) you have to do it yourself, probably. Therefore, to make things easier, you should prepare a meal plan for the whole week in advance. If you can’t find the inspiration for every day, then at least make sure to have most days covered. That way, you’ll know which groceries to buy and you won’t spend time trying to figure out what to cook. 

Be a smart shopper

If you’re buying groceries for the whole family, then you know how pricy some items can be. That is why it’s essential to make a grocery list before you head to the store. Additionally, buying things in bulk will help you save money, and you won’t have to worry about things running out. You might need to plan something in advance if you want to be a smart shopper, but it’s definitely a better option than buying things on a whim. Impulsive shopping is fine, as long as you’re not struggling financially to begin with. The problem is, buying foods impulsively might make you throw them away later, and this type of waste should definitely be avoided, especially if you have small kids. 

Use good ingredients while cooking 

Everywhere we look, there are new ingredients that are healthier than the older ones, and for some people, that can be too much info. However, being informed and knowing good ingredients from bad ones can help you brush up your cooking skills. For example, if you know what is high oleic sunflower oil then you’re quite missing out since it’s a better alternative to other options that you can find in the shops. The same goes for other ingredients such as white sugar, artificial sweeteners, unhealthy sauces, and similar things — just because they’re widely used, doesn’t mean you should automatically reach for them while cooking. Finding healthier substitutes is a much better solution. 

Compare prices before you make a bigger purchase

Sure, comparing prices is something you already do, but for some items, it’s important to do it thoroughly. If you’re buying a new cookware item or a kitchen appliance, then it’s essential to compare prices in order to get the best deal for yourself and your family. Also, if you plan to make a big weekly purchase at the grocery store, make sure to go to a place that has the best deals and offers for that week, or even better, go to two or three stores, if you have time. 


Cooking and grocery shopping are things that every mom deals with on a regular basis. These tips will help you be practical about them, which will make you feel more organized and prepared in the kitchen. Also, remember that meal planning and smart shopping will also be of great use, as you’ll be able to rely on your skills to prepare a tasty meal for your family in no time. 

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