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Five Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies


As a woman, you have to carry most of the burden and responsibility for having children. That means that you'll have to be the one to take steps to avoid getting pregnant if you or your partner does not want to have children at this time. You may also want to research the issues surrounding fertility to understand as much as you can. Medical journals are highly useful for this, as they contain useful articles such as Educational Inequalities in Repeat Abortion: A longitudinal Register Study in Finland 1975-2010. The following are some methods you can use to ensure that you do not have a child at a time when you're not ready. These methods are either completely reversible or at least partially reversible. 

The Calendar Method

The calendar method is still a method that many women use to avoid pregnancy. You can also use the method to get pregnant if you so desire. It revolves around your ovulation date and is highly effective if you have a regular 28-day cycle. It's much less effective if you have irregular periods, however. What you need to do is to estimate your ovulation date each month based on your normal patterns. Then, you should avoid having intercourse at least seven days before and two days after you ovulate. The percentages are high that you will not get pregnant if you use that method, but there is no guarantee. The body doesn't always ovulate when you expect it to. Therefore, you can ovulate earlier or later than you expect in any given month. A man's sperm can survive up to five days and even up to seven days in extreme circumstances. For those two reasons, the calendar method may not be so reliable if you're trying to avoid pregnancy. 

Tubal Ligation

You can choose to have your tubes tied if you are 100 percent sure that you never want to have any children again. A tubal ligation is much more effective than other methods of birth control. However, they do sometimes fail. Keep in mind that the tubes can become untied. That might be a good thing if you decide to have a child later on. You can have a tubal ligation reversal done if you want to. You can speak to a professional about how effective or ineffective the tubal ligation reversal might be. 


Condoms can be effective in preventing pregnancy if you and your partner use them in the right manner. They are about 98 percent effective or more. You can stop using them when you decide to have a child, and it won't cost you money for an expensive surgical operation. 

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are a highly effective option because they're designed to prevent the process of ovulation. You cannot have a child if you do not release an egg. Therefore, you may want to consider trying them. You should be able to resume your fertility shortly after you stop taking the pills. Your body may or may not react well to birth control pills. 

The Abortion Pill

Another option for you is to take the abortion pill. The abortion pill is designed for people who have already engaged in unprotected sex and want to prevent pregnancy from occurring. The pill can also end a current pregnancy. It can be effective if used properly, but the goal should be to prevent pregnancy long before you would have to use the abortion pill. Abortion pill reversal is available, however. You can change your mind about the abortion pill and take the reversal pill if you are still in the beginning stages of the process of trying to use the pill. The reversal pill is up to 68 percent effective. 

Now you know some of the ways that you can prevent an unwanted pregnancy. You can still undo these processes and have a child with your partner when the two of you are ready. 

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