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Easy Tips For a Perfect Backyard Party

 Any time is a good time for a backyard party. Especially during summer when the weather is fantastic, there’s no cold or snow, neither there are constant downpours to ruin your day. So, it’s the right time to get loose and enjoy yourself with friends and family.

What makes backyard parties great is that after-party cleaning is a breeze. Everything is lying around your patio or your backyard, so you don’t have to put too much effort. But a little bit of planning can take your party to the next level. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss a few simple tips that will take your backyard party to the next level. Let’s begin!

Pick a Theme

You might wonder if you actually need a theme, but in all honesty, a theme can make or break your party.

The theme of your party could be anything; it can be a color, a favorite show, a dress type, or your favorite summer food or drink. A Hawaiian-themed party can be a lot of fun in warmer weather. The choices are endless. However, once you have chosen a theme from the plethora of options, it gets so much easier.

Common amenities of the party, such as dress code, type of cutlery and plating, cuisine, games, etc., are easy to choose from. Instead of putting everything here and there, you can give everything a uniform, organized look. 

Look for Inspiration:

Now that you know your theme look for some inspiration. Look for backyard party ideas done by others on the internet and inspire yourself. Pinterest is a treasure trove for materials, design inspirations, and everything you need to motivate yourself.

While we don’t recommend directly copying designs from the internet, you can find ideas that you can tweak based on your needs. 

Create Your Guests List:

It’s essential to have a proper guest list to move on with other parts of your plan. Your planning should cater to the people you’re inviting.

If you’re hosting a child’s birthday party, alcohol is a big no! Again, the menu should reflect the food that children will like. Likewise, if you have older adults, you need to make sure the decorations aren’t too ecstatic or over the top. Catering based on your guests will keep them entertained and the party lively.

Check the Weather Updates:

Yes, this is important. While you might think it’s not necessary, bad weather can ruin your party. In many regions of the world, summer is also the time for intense storms and heavy rains. Furthermore, unbearable heat will also be a hindrance to your party.

So, make sure to check the weather updates for the entire week before setting your date. If you see consistent sunny weather for the whole week, you’re good to go.

Create a Simple Menu:

The heart of any party is on the menu. You have to make a menu that’s easy to prepare, cook, and serve because of the backyard restrictions.

If you’re planning for a party in the summer, we recommend getting a simple menu with cold drinks and easily perishable food. Lemonades, fruit juices, fruity cocktails paired with chips, fries, and salsas as sides is a good idea.

However, at the heart of any backyard party should be the BBQ. Whether you have an open fire or a slow cooking grill, making the best out of your BBQ is crucial. If you have an electric grill, we recommend connecting it to your generator instead of the grid.

Furthermore, to reduce cluttering, create self-service stations, and use disposable plastic cups. Keep the sides next to the drinks and the heavy stuff at a distance. With that, you’re good to go.

Ensure Consistent Lighting:

Whether you’re having a brunch or a party at night, electricity is essential. From powering the grill to keeping the food warm and the entertainment running, everything is important.

However, load sheddings and power outages are pretty common in parts of the world, and dealing with a lack of power in the middle of a party would be an awkward experience for the host and the guests alike. So, it’s crucial to ensure a consistent power supply.

If you have a generator, we recommend connecting everything to it. A 7.5kW generator would be sufficient in running everything for your party. Try renting a generator in advance to avoid any trouble!

Keep the Bugs Away:

One major trouble with outdoor events is the even troubling presence of bugs and pests. From ants and cockroaches to flies and mosquitoes, you can come across anything on your way.

100% of pest control is hard for outdoor events, but we can always try. Use UV lighting or fans to keep the flying pests away while always keep the food and drinks covered to avoid flies or ants. Furthermore, you can use carpets around walking places to prevent pests from the grass.

Ensure Adequate Lighting:

If you’re planning a party at night, lights are a must. Although we have lights in our house and patio, they might not be adequate for an entire party. 

We recommend that you use the lights on your patio to its full strength. Make sure the party area and the outdoor entries and exits have enough light. You can rent lights temporarily for a better experience.

Have Games and Entertainment Facilities:

No party is complete without entertainment, so make sure there’s enough. The games should reflect your theme and fit the party well instead of just being there. 

You can have anything that suits your party. While sound systems are a must, things like basketball hoops, dance floors, board games, etc., are always a welcome edition. Having a few good games can change the atmosphere completely.


A backyard party is always fun. But, a well-organized, well-planned party remains in everyone’s memory for a long time. There isn’t a lot of difference between a mediocre and a fantastic party. In this article, we’ve discussed some easy tips to take your party to the next level. We hope you find it useful!

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