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Common facilities in a child care centre in Singapore

 A large number of parents in Singapore would like to send their children to child care facilities like a creche for a number of reasons. In some cases, both the parents are working, so the child will be looked after at the facility. In other cases, the child will learn new skills, socialize so that it is easy to get admission to a reputed school.

There are a large number of child-care centres in Singapore advertising their services, so the parents of the child would like to know the common facilities in a child care centre in Singapore. This will help them compare the various centres and choose the right centre for their child.


Many parents send their child to the daycare, so that the child will learn new skills. Specifically the child will learn basic language skills, speak different languages fluently. Hence the childcare centre should have teaching space with tables and chairs for the children. It should also have a blackboard, where the teachers can teach them the various alphabets, numbers and other topics. Depending on the number of children in the facility, there may be other tools to enhance learning, like a music system to teach them nursery rhymes or a display which features cartoons.


Most of the children are away from home for some time and they will feel hungry. So the childcare center should have a canteen area, where the children can have their meals. In some cases, the child will have to get food from home, while in other centres, food is provided to the children. Small children are often fussy and do not eat all vegetables, though they are good for their health. In some centres, the children are also taught to eat all kinds of food, especially vegetables. The canteen will have tables, chairs, glasses and in some cases, bowls, plates in which food is being served.

Toys area

Since small children will get bored very easily, most daycare centres in Singapore have a large number of toys for the children. Soft toys like teddy bears, dogs are popular with children of all ages. Some of the toys will be gender specific like dolls for girls and cars for boys. Other toys like building blocks or puzzles are suitable for both boys and girls. Other than cars, trucks, toy trains, remote controlled helicopters are also popular. In addition to the number of toys, the parents should also check the condition of the toys.

Games area

Most small children are very energetic and always running around. Hence the childcare centre should have a games area where the children can play their favorite game. Ball games and hopscotch are some of the more popular games. Building blocks are also popular. The children should be explained the rules of the game clearly before they start playing the game. It is also important to check the attitude and training of the staff at the childcare center, to find out if they really take good care of the child. Parents should also find out the healthcare and first aid facilities at the childcare centre, if the child will accidentally injure himself, especially while playing games.

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