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Best Christmas Gifts and Activities for the Whole Family


There is no better time of spreading love than spending some quality time with your loved ones than Christmas. This can be actualized in several ways, and one is sharing gifts and fun activities. Fun activities can, to some extent, bring about the much-needed bond among family members or loved ones.

Some of these activities have been around for decades if not centuries and that qualifies them to be termed as tradition. Finding those that suit your family best will depend on several factors, such as, the location you are spending the holiday season, age of your loved ones, among others.

Listed below and in details are some gifts and fun activities you can engage with your loved ones:

Movie Night Popcorn

Whether your family loves Disney movies for Christmas or into a Netflix show, there is nothing so spectacular as watching the Christmas movies with the whole family. Give your family a memorable season by handing them popcorn to munch on those movie nights. Not all will agree on a movie selection, but everyone loves to munch on something while enjoying a good movie.

Customized Family Illustration

Almost everyone has enjoyed doodling at some point in life. You can bring back the artist in you by making something unique to go with the whole family. A DIY family illustration is something all would love and would love to put at the same place as the family portrait.

One thing about illustrations is that they don't have to be perfect; however, striving to make them look better is a plus. You don't want to get a lousy stare for drawing a family portrait that makes some look awkward. A Set of Personalized Family Mugs.

Personalized Family Mugs

Coffee is a staple beverage in many homes all year round. Remind your loved ones how much they mean during Christmas with a personalized mug. You could have a cup made for each family member with subtle details for all.

One thing about mugs is that they are a gift every family member will use daily long after the Christmas season. It will bring joy and comfort to see your name on a mug and know it is the same for all family members. It makes a good Christmas morning at the coffee table for everyone with identical cups.

Make a Wreath for the Home

Christmas is a season filled with traditions and symbols. Some of the symbols and traditions include a Christmas tree, lights, and anything that would lighten everyone's mood. The Christmas wreath is one symbol that often gets forgotten but helps welcome all at the door.

Luckily for you, a Christmas wreath doesn't have to be bought at a high price, but you can fashion out one for yourself. It would be lovely to have an evergreen wreath welcoming guests and spreading the good news of Christmas to guests.

Christmas Cookie Table Coloring Cloth

The Christmas period is about enjoying doing things together and enjoying treats. A cookie table cloth brings the family to the kitchen, where the adults can bake the cookie on the fabric while the kids paint lovely Christmas doodles with markers on the cookie table coloring cloth.

Family Crest Blanket

You have probably seen a family crest of a prominent family. What if you could get a family crest for your family? Well, you can make a family crest for your family that brings warmth literally and metaphorically. You can get a custom-made blanket to cover your family this season.


You should choose a gift or activity that brings warmth to your loved ones. The gifts above give you that upper hand; however, adding an individual gift for each family member would be marvelous.

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