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A Few Home Decoration Ideas for This Christmas

 Ah, the holiday seasons! The merry feeling of festivities starts right at home, and it's time to take out that holiday box full of twinkly Christmas accessories from your basement. Christmas decorations are up everywhere, and it's time to think about décor patterns and designs. No, we are not talking about your Christmas tree, but the rest of your house. Home decorations for Christmas is a traditional custom, and people adorn their houses with very creative designs. And you are in luck because we have some exciting Christmas home-décor designs to make your designs a lot merrier.

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Adorable Wreaths for Your Living Room

Why stop hanging these adorable things just outside your front door? Place them as a centrepiece in your living room, or the bedroom mantle. Little greenies symbolise eternal life, and they make sweet decors everywhere.

Game Room Décor

It’s the holidays, and your gaming room can look a little Christmassy. Decorating your video game gear or the mini-arcades will make the holiday season a lot more playful and fun. Try to find out more about game room décor ideas from credible sources to make your room livelier and fun this holiday season. You can decorate your arcade by hanging stocking or mini-Christmas trees. Fir tree leaves around your computer screens can look quite decorative. 

Incorporate More Colour

If you are traditional about Christmas décor, stick with the classic red and green décor. But if you want something more colourful, incorporate more colours. Like yellow, to remember summer in winter! Wouldn't that be surprising to your guests? You can try yellow lighting candles, let yellow flowers hang by the candles. You can also look for colourful Christmas ornaments to spruce up your holiday décor this season and decorate to the next level by adding different shapes, colors, and designs.

Twigs and Branches Décor

Twigs are easily found everywhere, especially in this season. Please make use of them for decorating your living room mantle. All you need is a spray paint and a cotton ball. Spray the twig in the colour of your choice, red or green will look merry. Break the twigs, so it forms a person's shape. Now take the white cotton balls and stick them on the three twig endings to make head and palms. Please give him a smiley face, and hang more of them on your living room mantle.

Movie-Themed Christmas Décor

A movie-themed Christmas décor for you home, how is that! Apart from dressing up as your favourite character, try to make your place look like a movie Christmas setting. Be it, Godfather or Harry Potter, dress your home accordingly. If you are a Potter-head, you can create the magic. Hang tiny Christmas tree and red-white balls by a thread above your dining table. Add tiny snowflakes shaped accessories as well.

Don't Forget Good 'Old Stars.

Stars represent Christmas, but you rarely see it much these days. It doesn't have to be the average fluorescent-lit stars. One can make use of twigs, or fir tree leaves into stars. You'll need small grey wires to stick them together. Place it carefully on a table or any flat surface to make it into a six-legged star. You can light them like you lit the wreaths. Try to make at least a dozen of them to get the effect when put together.


Cosy Kitchen Décor

Your kitchen makes it smell like Christmas. Garland the kitchen decks with decorated candy-jars and gingerbread cookie trays. You can hang the wreaths on the side of your kitchen slab, or make a mini-Christmas tree near the dining table. Santa Claus mugs for children, they would love that, wouldn't they? You can also use it as décor for the kitchen slab.

Make a Santa-Cake

Cakes are nothing new here, but Santa cake is. If you are a baker, this is your time to flaunt your baking skills. It doesn't have to be just Santa cakes, a four-tiered Christmas tress cake or a snowflake cookie would look amazing on your table. Impress your family with these creative baking designs. Your Christmas snapshot would look unique with this style.

Smiling Mugs for Cabinets

You'll get different varies of mugs in the market. Next time you shop for Christmas, get a few smiley mugs for your cabinet. Please place them in between the fir tree leaves in a decorative manner. Hang few Christmas balls from the mug holder. These look cute and adorable next to the fireplace.

Snowy Theme

A Christmas is snowy, and everyone knows that. Why not extend that to your living room? A white-glorious Christmas living room without the freeze. It would look amazing but can be expensive. You'll need white carpets, a ton of cotton balls and snow spray. Spread the carpet and make your floor invisible. Spread the cotton balls on them, but not near the fireplace. You'll have a dreamy looking living room. Make sure you keep up with the other decorations like the traditional Christmas trees and stars.

Stairway Décor 

The stairways make an excellent place for Christmas decoration. You can easily hang fir leaves or decorative stockings you can get at Polar X Ornaments along the rail. Hanging wreaths also give a merry look. But hang them at the end to get a festive finishing. Decorating them with red berries and ribbon will genuinely elevate the Christmas spirits.

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