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6 Awesome Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Every Mum Would Love


A baby shower is an occasion to celebrate the mom-to-be and rejoice in the new experience of being a Mom (very soon). It is often a bit difficult to choose a great gift for the occasion because of its importance in the mother’s life. If you want to find one that the mum truly loves, this article is for you.

The gifts listed below will be extremely useful for the mum-to-be and she would be pleased to receive any of these things at her baby shower:

1. A big Diaper Cake

If there is one thing that a mom will need the most when the baby arrives is a lot of diapers. However, babies grow very quickly. Doctors reveal that from birth to 6 months, a baby can grow from 1/2 to 1 inch every month. Getting many diapers of the same size would probably end up with most of them getting wasted because they no longer fit the baby.

It is a good idea to buy diapers in various different sizes suited for at least the first several months. Arrange these in a big diaper cake according to their sizes, with the smallest being on top. You will be giving the mom-to-be an extremely useful gift if you do this and she will be grateful for it when the baby arrives.

2. Car Seats or High Chairs

One of the more difficult things to do with an infant is to travel anywhere in a car. Parents are constantly worried if their baby will injure themselves during the ride and thus, car travel is avoided by most.

You can help the mom-to-be reduce this worry to a great extent by giving her a car seat that is of a high quality and is comfortable and safe for the baby.

You can find a number of car seats in any store you go to but be sure to look for one that is of a better grade and is long-lasting. You can look for good car seats to give to the future mum at https://www.motherschoice.com.au/ . The soon-to-be mum will love this gift and will remember you during her first travel with the baby.

3. Hand/footprint kit

A hand/footprint kit is a fairly uncommon gift but a good one nonetheless. Imagine the joy the mum would feel when, after a couple of years, she looks at the framed little hand or footprint of her infant.

It is a great gift that will help the mum preserve the memory of how little her baby was just some time ago. It will take her down memory lane and remind her of the beautiful days she spent with her infant and saw him/her grow right before her eyes.

Every mom would love a gift that refreshes their happy memories with their child. So, look for a good hand/footprint kit and surprise the mom-to-be with it.

4. First Year Frame

Every parent wants to preserve memories of their little one growing. After all, they want to record every moment in their child’s life and then look back at it in the future. A first-year frame will allow the mum to frame around 12 pictures during her child’s first year.

The mum would be able to record her baby’s milestones and create a photo frame that will fill her with joy every time she takes a look at it. Simone Elisabeth Photography advises more details on this you can check out. Gifting the first-year frame to the mum-to-be in the baby shower will make her eternally happy as she can record her baby’s first year of growing up, all on her own.

5. Baby Toothbrush and Paste

Good oral care habits are inhibited while we are infants. Most moms-to-be are very excited to see their baby’s first toothy grin while they are brushing.

You can help her get the baby into a habit of brushing and ensure oral hygiene by gifting her a baby toothbrush that fits a baby’s little mouth and comes along with soft bristles that treat the teething gums gently. Along with the baby toothbrush, you can also give a toothpaste suitable for babies.

6. Don't forget about the mom

The mom-to-be has probably not done anything for herself in a long time and there is no way she gets much time to herself once the baby finally arrives. She deserves a day all to herself where she can rest and be pampered.

Gifting her a spa day would be amazing for her. She will absolutely love the idea of getting a day where she can enjoy herself before the baby arrives and she gets busy with new-mom duties. So, surprise her with a spa day or something similar, and don’t forget to set a reminder on her phone for that day!

Gift the mom-to-be one of these things and let her dance in the joy of welcoming a tiny-little part of her own!

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