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25 More Days of 2020- 12 Reasons to be Merry


Today marks the 340th day of what has been one of the most trying years for most of us.  We always believe that the New Year will bring blessings and better times and I am hopeful that this is true.  Today, I am reminding myself just how lucky I have been despite the chaos that has been my year.  I learned a lot about myself and determined that while I struggle with things, I am not alone.  I hope for all of you reading my post that you realize how un-alone you are as you have friends here at Mommy's Block Party.  

I have been so blessed to have an outlet to write about my experiences and my life.  It is because of all the contributors and you (our readers) that I have found a way to express my feelings and thoughts and be stronger for it.  I have cried, laughed, and enjoyed the comments that each one of you has shared with us.  It is very hard to expose yourself, and I know we have all struggled with that at some time in our own lives.  I thank you for letting me into your lives through my writings and I hope you learned something about yourselves just by being here.  This gives me a reason to be merry this holiday season despite what is going on in the world around us. 

 We create Christmas lists for what we want or need every year so we get the perfect Christmas presents.  This year my list will be comprised of the 12 reasons to be merry this year. 

Each one of you has been an inspiration to us here at Mommy's Block Party to put our mommy tales to use.  We struggle as moms and despite our best efforts, we doubt the influence and change we bring into the world.  The truth is,  I don't know where I would be without my mommy friends and all of you.  Thank you for being with us day in and day out.  I hope that the coming year is nothing but wonderful for all of you.  Just remember this year will be over in 25 days and we made it through.


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