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Why is Early Childhood Education Important For Kids


Early childhood has been viewed as only a stage in preparation for primary school for a long time. For this reason, early childhood care and education (ECCE) has not received the attention it deserves both in policy or financial support. However, strides in Singapore’s education system have boosted early childhood programs’ growth over the last few decades.

Through enrichment classes Singapore programs, the best international schools have optimized learning and development at the early stages of a child’s school years.

This post explores in detail the benefits of these early childhood programs for kids.


A child’s interactions with new people in a safe environment help in early development. Early childhood programmes are well supervised and they allow children to mingle and, in so doing, overcome some of the hurdles of the early stages of development.

They overcome shyness and build self-confidence when they meet strangers in a new environment. Children also learn social skills and understand how to make friends. These skills come in handy when the child grows and they play a crucial role in their development.

Holistic Development

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), early childhood seeks to lay the groundwork for a successful future. The programmes at this stage entail the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs.

Early childhood teachers are highly trained to create programmes and activities that boost a child’s emotional, social, physical, and mental development. Developing these skills from an early age has a huge impact on the child’s later life stages.

Early childhood educators can also identify areas where an individual child needs reinforcement. They develop tailored activities to help this child overcome any weakness and co-exist with the others at school.

Learning the Value of Education

A child gets a different perspective on everything once in a new environment. They start appreciating another adult’s input (the teacher) and the importance of discovering new things such as language and basic skills such as language.

Through fun and exciting activities, children start developing a thirst for learning. With a role model in the form of the teacher, kids start appreciating the value of education.

Every new day is another opportunity to discover and learn new stuff and kids. This builds lifelong enthusiasm for learning even at the later advanced stage of education.  

Learning Perseverance/Resilience  

Life is tough, and it requires grit to overcome challenges and disappointments. Early childhood education programmes are designed to provide challenging situations that a child has to overcome.

The teacher becomes a motivator to reward the child after overcoming such hurdles. This builds the spirit of perseverance and resilience in a child. They may experience bruises, bumps, or losses at a game but can come back stronger and succeed.  

Learning Cooperation and Respect

At home, kids receive all the attention and it’s easy for a child to feel entitled. A small tantrum is all they need to get what they want from parents and the rest of the family. In preschool, however, they have to learn the give and take of living together.

Children learn how to share and cooperate at an early age and this shapes their lives. A child will start enjoying giving while also receiving from others. This habit reflects when they get home and start sharing stuff with their siblings. This is one reason parents have to find more important information on enrichment classes in Singapore.  It’s the first step to help their children start developing more responsibility.

Respect is another key skill child learn at early childhood schools. They understand how to behave towards their friends and also the teachers. With time, children also start appreciating the need to respect their environment.

Learning the Importance of Teamwork

By learning to share, cooperate and respect others, it’s easy for a child to become a team. Teamwork is an important life skill and early childhood education helps cultivate this critical skill in children.

Most preschool activities revolve around play and teamwork. This approach changes children’s attitudes towards each other and can easily collaborate to work as a team. Working as a team comes in handy in the child’s life at all stages of development and into adulthood.

Develop Concentration

At the early stages of development, children hardly focus on any one thing. They’re always discovering though they never exhaust any one project. Teachers at Singapore preschools help the child concentrate on one thing at a time.

They teach the skills of listening and following directions. When attending to any task, the child will now concentrate more and enjoy the better outcome that comes from focusing.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a parent in Singapore, you have to start appreciating preschool’s critical role for your child. This education stage plays a big role in how your child turns out at other stages of development. More importantly, early childhood education equips your child with important life skills to live a better life. 

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