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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Happy 312th Day of 2020!

Happy Saturday, friends! I know it seems a little hard to believe since this year has played out like we are stuck in the Twilight Zone, but it really is (only) the 312th day of 2020. So much is going on, still, but I am here trying to focus on things that are awesome and bring joy to my heart. 

One thing that brings so much joy to my heart is visiting my Gram. The girls and I will be heading down, with my sister Jess, for some fun conversations and coffee. We love these visits so much, especially when we can get Gram to play some Cards Against Humanity. She always gets a kick out of everyone's answers, but hers are usually the best! 

Another thing that brings joy to my heart is quiet time with my family. Matt is usually only off from work on the weekends and even though I have the girls home doing distance learning, much of our weekdays are filled with school and making sure everyone is caught up on all of their work. I love having at least one day where there is nothing to do except talk to one another, watch some of our favorite shows, and play some Skyjo or work on puzzles together.  

This year has definitely been a weird one. Full of uncertainty and more stress than I am comfortable with, but I know I have so much to be grateful for! There are so many things that bring joy to my heart and for the 54 days remaining in this year, I'm determined to make sure that those are the things I devote my time and energy to! 

Who or what brings joy to your heart? Take a minute and just breathe in the gratefulness you feel for that person or thing. 

Have a spectacular Saturday!


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