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These Are the Best Places to Go on a Road Trip


When was your last road trip?

The pandemic put all forms of mobility on hold. Many businesses, schools, and other establishments closed due to the public health crisis. The entire population self-isolated in their homes to comply with new health policies.

Now, as the world starts to recover, many establishments are beginning to reopen. International travel is returning back to normal. As travel returns to its normal status, many civilians are planning vacations.

Are you planning on a road trip? In this article, we show you some of the best places to go on a road trip. Read on to discover the best road trip destinations for your next vacation.

Going to the Sun Road in Montana

Going to the Sun Road is home to the Glacier National Park. Wherever you stop along the road, you may find some great landscapes and wildlife. If you want to see a glacier from the road, head for the Jackson Glacier Overlook.

You can find this along the east of the road between St. Mary and Logan Pass. Any vehicles that are 21 ft by 8 ft may not enter between the Rising Sun picnic area and the Avalanche campground. Otherwise, you can enjoy this stretch of road almost any time of the year.

Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a great destination for sports cars like the Dodge Challenger. If you want to take yourself on a fast ride, consider visiting the Blue Ridge Parkway. This road stretches at 469 miles.

It stretches on from the Great Smokey Mountains to the Shenandoah National Park. You are sure to enjoy your drive thanks to the absence of towns, traffic, and billboards. The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most scenic routes in the US.

Olympic Peninsula in Washington

Consider visiting the Olympic Peninsula if you plan on hiking. An intermediate SUV like a Toyota RAV4 would be a great companion for your hiking gear. The journey stretches and loops on for 330 miles.

Start your trip in Seattle and head to Highway 101 through Junction 104. You can go clockwise or counterclockwise. Either way, you are sure to appreciate the scenic White Mountains and Olympic ranges.

Here in the Olympic Peninsula, you can find the United States' most beautiful lake. You'll find beautiful shorelines and gushing waterfalls. You may even visit some of the small logging towns along the road.

Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania and Delaware

If you enjoy historic routes, you'll enjoy Brandywine Valley's 19-mile stretch. You can find this small, yet scenic route, between Delaware and South Pennsylvania. Here, you will find long roads traced by Wildflowers surround the Brandywine River.

You can't complete your trip to Brandywine Valley without visiting the Longwood Gardens. In its 1,077 acres, you will find an outdoor topiary. It also consists of spring-fed lakes and twenty indoor gardens.

You can visit Brandywine Valley at almost any time of the year. However, for a true experience, try visiting during the winter or fall. Olympic Peninsula in Washington

Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon

First built in 1917, the Columbia River Highway is one of the oldest routes in the US. Many know this as the National Historic Landmark, and it offers many scenic views. Starting from Troutdale, you'll embark on an exciting journey with many memorable landscapes.

You'll find attractions like the Bista House and many astounding waterfalls. These include the LaTourell Falls, Multnomah Falls, and the Wahkeenah Falls. If you want to avoid traffic, we suggest that you start your road trip on or before 10 am.

Outer Banks in North Carolina

If you prefer saltwater sights, consider visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina. This route stretches along Highway 12 for about 100 miles. Outer Banks offers a rich variety of seashore experiences.

Here, you'll find historic colonial towns and white sand beaches. If you plan on staying, you'll find fishing villages and popular summer tourist areas. You can start your journey to the Outer Banks by crossing the Wright Memorial Bridge.

Head north from 12 to explore the town of Corolla and discover duck beaches. Don't be afraid to take frequent breaks when driving. You can find road trip parking anywhere and still enjoy the landscape.

Route 66 in Middle America

Route 66 is home to the typical American road trip. Since 1926, Route 66 grew almost 2,500 miles across the entire country. From Chicago to Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona, Route 66 will end in Los Angeles, California.

You'll find many markers of the historic Route 66 where this route once stood. If you're in for a long road trip, you can travel the entire highway. You can follow anywhere the road takes you or visit some popular destinations like St. Louis or Flagstaff.

Mount Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire

Mount Washington Auto Road could be one of the most daring destinations on this list. The mountain faced rapid changing weather and varying cloud patterns. If you're in for a tough hike, you are sure to enjoy the scenic sky views.

Whenever the weather permits you, you will need to pay $28 for entry. Overnight stays are not available on this road, so aim to complete your trip within the day. You may stay at the Top Notch Inn or the Passaconaway Campground when you reach the bottom of the mountain.

If you're planning to visit Mount Washington Auto Road, aim to visit during May and October. You may only book these locations during this time of the year.

Hana Highway in Hawaii

If you find yourself on the island of Maui, try taking the drive to Hana. You will find many daring sights like dense rainforests and ravines. You can complete your trip in less than a day.

However, you may also opt to stay at the Haleakala National Park. The park charges $10 for entrance.

Here are the Best Places to Go on a Road Trip

Planning a vacation with your loved ones? Here are the best places to go on a road trip! From Blue Ridge to Hana Highway, you're sure to enjoy these scenic routes. 

Thank you for reading our article! Are you looking for more travel destinations? Check out our other guides for more travel tips.

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