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Thank you to  Laumière Gourmet Fruits for proving me a rectangle Cadeau de Noel Collection in exchange for this review. All thoughts are my own! 

In the classic, "Twas the Night before Christmas" tales of stockings, sweet dreams, and a visit of Santa Claus have entertained families for years. This 19th century poem ventures to explain how stockings are empty when children go to bed and are bursting with presents on Christmas morning. Expanded from the tales of Saint Nicholas of Myra, these stockings often contained oranges for children to eat on Christmas morning. 

Oranges, hard to find in cold winters, were expensive and seen as an item of luxury. Thus, families often reserved them for Christmas morning gifts and children looked forward to receiving them. Over the years, stockings have generally geared towards sweet treats and smaller toys, filled to bring delight to children's eyes on Christmas morning. 

While the tradition has faded over the years, it doesn't mean that fruit treats have to disappear. Fruit treats, even dried fruits, are great for those who want natural products, those who want to be healthier, and those who want to gift something new and different. 

This year, gift a wonderful dried fruit collection made by Laumière Gourmet Fruits: The Cadeau de Noel Parfait Collection! Available in a 20 piece rectangle box or a 16 piece square box, the collection is bursting with wonderful flavors that will invite you to experience joy this holiday season.

Laumière Gourmet Fruits offers gift-box collections full of premium dried fruit and nuts arranged in delicate treats sure to delight all, but especially the fruit-lover. 100% natural, Laumière strives to provide products with no additional preservatives, sugars, or additives. Laumière products are vegan and gluten free but are not nut-free.

The Cadeau de Noel Parfait Collection contains 4 delectable treats sure to please all in the home! This amazing treat collection contains dried dates, dried figs, dried apricots, and various nut products. 

First, the edible snowflake will immediately bring all thoughts to winter and Christmas, regardless of the outside temps. This coconut, dates, and almond concoction is finely decorated with a very delicate snowflake. Neither the snowflake nor the bottom layer are that sweet, but its a perfect combination! 

Second, the stamped Christmas tree rests on top a treat made up of almonds, figs, and pecans. This treat does not taste sweet or that nutty, but the fig is prominent in the bottom layer. 

Third, the pecan apricot hits taste buds with its caramelized texture and apricot bottom. This is a perfect combination with the nut and dried- fruit!

Fourth, a delightful date with a candied orange peel will please everyone with its sweet but not sugary flavor.

I absolutely loved the flavors in this gift-box. It's only been in the past couple of years that I've acquired a taste for dried fruit. Pineapple, Mango, and Apricot are my typical dried fruit staples and I've often shied away from dates and raisins. This Christmas collection inspires me to continue to open my taste buds, as new fruit experiences aren't always bad!

My favorites of this collection were the snowflake and the caramelized pecan treats. Far from the average fruitcake, each of these treats showcase spices, fruits, and nuts in a unique tasty way. The combination of flavors makes each bite full of holiday goodness that isn't overpoweringly sweet! 

Need a Secret Santa Gift? Know someone that loves dried fruit snacks and would appreciate a gift-box full of luxurious treats? Or do you just not know what to get the family member you have never met?

Laumière 's Cadeau de Noel Parfait collection makes the perfect gift for so many people and any occasion! 

Want to gift yourself a wonderful afternoon snack in between decorating, present-wrapping, and all things holidays? Take a break by brewing up some hot tea or cider and munch on your favorites from this collection. 

These gift-sets can be customized with personal notes and scheduled delivery dates. Great for anyone on your list, this collection will make a wonderful and tasty gift addition this year! Whether found under the tree, in a Christmas stocking, or at the front door; the Cadeau de Noel Parfait Collection will bring cheer and smiles to your loved ones this holiday season, so purchase yours now! 

Want it? Get it!

Don't wait too long to start your holiday gift shopping! Laumière is currently offering  Black Friday specials on many of their collections so be sure to check their website for the most updated information! Deals change every Friday and are valid for certain collections. 

Interested in the Cadeau de Noel Parfait Collection? Purchase the Laumière Gourmet Fruits Cadeau de Noel Collection  now! 

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Whether you gift this collection or dive into into it yourself, the Cadeau de Noel Collection is full of 4 wonderful treats that will liven your holiday spirit! 

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  1. So many things we like. I really have to watch myself.

  2. Pecan Snowflake Cookies is a favorite here.

  3. If I won this collection, I would probably share it at our small holiday meal.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. I would probably give this to someone as a gift.

  5. Some of my favorite holiday treats are chocolate covered cherries and sugar cookies.

  6. I would share the Laumiere Gourmet Fruits with my mother, she loves dried fruits and nuts!

  7. Peppermint bark and Toffee Matzo are some of my favorite holiday desserts! -Saimah

  8. I would keep they are out of luck. Why 2 forms?

  9. I would gift this to my grandmother.

  10. Pizelles are a special holiday treat

  11. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups are delicious!


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