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Share the Sweetness of Custom Candy Gifts from Sweet Delivery

Thank you to Sweet Delivery for sending product in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

I have a major sweet tooth! It's something that I have been aware of since childhood when I first remember my Gram asking me "Well don't you have quite the sweet tooth?". Of course, back then, I had no idea what she meant, but as it was explained to me I knew that she was right, and not much has changed, in that regard, over the years. 

Sweets are not a major part of my life, but during the holidays they sort of "guest star" in my day to day activities. Now that the holidays are so close, I'm looking forward to both gifting and receiving some sweet treats, including candy gifts from Sweet Delivery!

About Sweet Delivery

Sweet Delivery is an online custom candy gifting company. Unique from other gifting companies, this company allows the gift-giver to select the gift size and write a personal note, then the lucky recipient gets to choose their own favorite treats when they receive an ecard alerting them to the fact that a Sweet Delivery is waiting for them! There is no guessing or stressing about what they like and each member of a family could choose their favorite sweet to be added to the box. 
Of course, if you know the person well enough, there is an option to choose the candy for them. 

We were sent the So Sweet-4 Choices candy arrangement. I was given the option to pick the candy myself or allow them to select it. I chose the latter because- a) you can't go wrong with candy and b) I wanted to be a little surprised. Now, since I'm 41, you might expect that I was really pleased about the chocolate, but let me tell you I'm here for all of the gummies! The chocolates are a happy bonus 😃

Look at these Gummy Apple Rings!

These Holiday Themed Gummies are so cute! 

The Chocolate Holiday Balls are part of the bonus

Along with the Santa Hat and Kissmas Tree Kisses!

All of the candy was packaged in its own sealed package and was nice and fresh- because of course, I had to inspect it! It also smells pretty amazing when you open up the box. It was radiating sweetness, which just triggered happy memories from holidays past. 

I cannot stop staring at all of the candy listed on the website. I'm waiting for the okay from all the siblings and siblings-in-law before I go ahead and purchase a few of these for our awesome nieces and nephews. I'd love to make Sweet Delivery boxes a traditional holiday gift, much like the popcorn tins from Gram or the Lifesavers Books from Uncle Paul when I was a kid. 

Want It? Get It!

Head on over to the Sweet Delivery website to check out all of their tasty gift options. Sweet Delivery gifts are perfect for almost everyone on your list and could become a great new holiday tradition! There is so much candy available, including Penguin Gummies, which I'd totally add to a box for my sister, and peanut butter cups, which are a household favorite at Wigglesworth Manor!

You can connect with Sweet Delivery on Instagram and Facebook

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