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Send Lucky You Flowers and Holiday Cheer this year! #MBPHoliday20 #Giveaway


Thank you to Lucky You Flowers for proving a great arrangement in exchange for this review! All thoughts are my own.

Even in pre social-distancing times, it is always hard for me to get home during the holidays. As a full-time church worker, Thanksgiving often comes at the onset of Advent. Christmas Eve services and community events keep me busy until after Christmas day, often with a pure case of exhaustion that leaves little desire to travel. Thus, I often look for gifts that share love and support without breaking the bank. 

Residing in North Carolina, I often ship holiday gifts to my sister for Christmas distribution. I try to find unique gifts that mom would enjoy, but as the years go by, she needs less and it becomes harder to find things that don't get destroyed in the mail or have an absorbent shipping fee. While companies with edible and flower deliveries exist, I become hesitant to use those because my mom often doesn't hear the door and I don't want the items to go bad! 

I was excited when Lucky You Flowers came on my radar because my mom has always loved plants and flowers! She takes care of various indoor and outdoor plants, so I thought it would be perfect to send her a flower arrangement to share love as we get nearer to the holiday season. 

Lucky You Flowers are shipped via UPS and arrive 1-4 days. My mom's Lucky You arrangement arrived within two days to her front door. Of course, she didn't know that this was arriving, and opening the box was a delight!

Lucky You Original Flower Arrangement

Flowers arrive in a Lucky You tube to prevent jostling during shipping. After removing the flowers from the tube, mom was confused at the arrangements take-out container. She called me while opening the box and she tried to pry the flowers out of the Lucky You container  but I gently instructed her that the flowers remain in the take-out container and don't need a vase! Of course, right after that, she opened up the care card and noted this, but like most people, she was easily excited and missed that piece!

Next, mom found the Lucky You fortune cookie, opened it, and immediately ate the cookie. Fortune Cookies will contain personalized messages sent in with each order. She noted that the fortune cookie was attached to a stick in the middle of the flowers and almost missed it, if I had not prompted her to look for it! 

The best part about Lucky You Flower arrangements is that they require no care! Flower arrangements can last for a week or longer and then can be recycled. Arrangements are hand-crafted and contain seasonal flowers. Color requests are fulfilled based on availability. 

This holiday season, share joy with a Lucky You Flower arrangement. This year has been hard on everyone and having bright colorful flowers arrive at a loved one's door will make their day. Perhaps, like my mom, your loved one will have a delightful Friday afternoon full of fresh flowers and love to bring her out of the rainy day doldrums. 

Want it! Get it! 

Whether you are gifting as a "I'm thinking of you", celebrating a special event, or just can't make it home for the holidays, send a Lucky You Flower arrangement to everyone you know! $29.99, including nation-wide shipping, sends a great flower arrangement to someone you love!

Purchase Lucky You Flower arrangements from the website and spread love and joy this year. Send flowers regularly to your loved ones with Lucky You Subscriptions- whether its seasonally or every month! 

Free Shipping, low prices, and door delivery make this a great gift!

Follow Lucky You Flowers on Facebook and Instagram  to stay up to date with all of the great available and upcoming flower arrangements! 

Want it? Win it! 

One (1) Reader will win a Lucky You Flower Arrangement to be sent to the loved one of their choice! Such a great way to spread cheer this year!

Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Just use the RC form below to enter for your chances to win. 
*Please keep in mind that MBP is not responsible for fulfilling prizes. You can find complete details for our giveaway policies on our policies page.

What are your favorite flowers?

Share in the comments or let us know on MBP Social Media!

Good Luck! 


  1. I like the Pretty in Pink, this would be perfect for a close friend who really needs something like this right now.

  2. I would love to send to my mom of course, but I have a close friend who is in the hospital battling cancer so I think she would enjoy this.

  3. My sister in law is a big fan of flowers, so she would also enjoy flowers for the holidays.

  4. I really like The Crown. I have a friend that would love it.

  5. One of my closest friends works in the medical field so one of these would make her happy.

  6. One of my favorite arrangements is the Original Lucky You. The Patriot is another favorite

  7. One of my friends found out she has COVID yesterday so I would love to brighten her day.

  8. I would also love to send flowers to my sister in law in RI as I haven't seen her this yr due to Covid travel restrictions.

  9. I think any of these would make someone :)

  10. The Bow Wow would be great for dog owners.

  11. Pretty in Pink would be a great one to brighten someone's day.

  12. I would love to send flowers to a sick friend.

  13. I wouldn't be opposed to a bouquet myself! :)

  14. They do some really great arrangements. Thought I would be able to pick a favorite but I found so many different ones I would prefer for different occasions and people.

  15. I would love to send flowers to my daughter as well, she really likes receiving flowers.


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