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Scrigit Scraper: The Must Have Holiday Stocking Stuffer! #MBPHoliday20


I've seen my fair share of dried on debris. Whether it's in the kitchen, remnants of a gathering, or craft projects; gunk builds up over time in small hard-to-reach places. A proper device, and not a knife or fingernail, is often needed to get at the built-up grime. If only I had known about the Scrigit Scraper! As we prepare for the holiday season and serving holiday meals to community members in need, I've already heard the desires to clean kitchen grime away, and know that the Scrigit Scraper tool would make Thanksgiving and Christmas clean-up so much easier! 

This holiday season, save frustration, energy, and even time with the Scrigit Scraper. The tool is no larger than a pen but small enough to store and carry in a bag. The term "Scrigit" is another name for a finger, and with this tool's rounded edge and size, it even resembles a finger! Held like a pen, the tool is designed to have two surfaces. The rounded wedge side grabs at flat surfaces or into curved surfaces. The top side's edging and pointed surface allow small corners and tiny surfaces to be cleared of grime. 

Keep your stovetop squeaky clean with Scrigit Scraper!

Pie leaked in the bottom of the oven? Sauce stuck to the top of the microwave? Candlewax accidently melted to the table? Clean baseboard corners, kitchen appliances, bathroom caulk, and counter sides using a Scrigit Scraper. While the scraper should not damage surfaces, follow appliance instructions and test prior to widespread use. 

This scraper will be your go-to solution for all items dried or stuck onto a surface in your home. The flat edge will gently scrape away at debris, protecting your surface from scratches, but with enough force to remove dried-on gunk from the counter top. 

Use the Scrigit Scraper for easy clean-up with cookware. The dual edges will help clean the burned muffin tin, the silicone blender ring, or the opening of to-go travel mug. Any kitchen item that has a crevice, groove, or is a tight space can be cleaned by the scraper. 

Everyone knows the pain of trying to peel price tags off gifts before last-minute wrapping. Save your manicure by using the Scrigit Scraper's edged side to remove that sticky label. If careful, it could be even used to help gift-wrap your item by getting at that unwanted tape or making the corner just so. 

Received a bunch of holiday gift-cards this year and lack a quarter? The Scrigit scraper's flat edge will reveal gift-card pin codes, scratch lottery tickets, and remove sticky tape from giftboxes. 

Scrigit Scraper is the perfect tool for crafters!

Holiday Crafting will be much easier with the Scrigit Scraper! The tools double sides will not only help remove unwanted glue, but also help shape and place materials so that your project looks professional! Scrigit scrapers could even help build those gingerbread homes by using the pointed edge to get the candy just-so!

Don't forget after the holidays too! Eventually, it will be time for spring cleaning and spring sprucing Window Sills and Patio door tracts will need to be cleaned of grime and dirt. Laundry and Dryer machines will need of all their grooves cleaned out to be fresh and functioning. Remove unwanted paint touch-ups with the scraper. 

The Scrigit Scraper is safe enough to use on windows and auto glass as well. Remove outdated parking permits, unwanted tag stickers, or faded back window stickers with the flat edged side. Clean car drink holders, dashboards, and other crevices with either side of the scraper! 

Harder than a Toothpick, safer than a razor blade, smaller than a putty knife, and less damaging than a metal scraper; the Scrigit Scraper is small enough  to keep in a car glove box, office desk, home utility drawer, or even a boat. Scrapers should be used with water or spray cleaners to help protect surfaces from damage. Scrapers should not be used with chemical solvents, such as acetone or on hot surfaces.  

The Scrigit Scraper will make a great stocking stuffer gift this year! College Students, Apartment dwellers, home owners, and even teenagers will appreciate the Scrigit Scraper's multi-use function! Buy several for your loved ones so that they have them for the car, home, and office! Just like pens and pencils, the Scrigit Scraper can be kept anywhere for all types of purposes. Purchase a Scrigit Scraper to help your holiday season shine brighter and be slightly less grimier this year! 

Want it? Get it!

Get ready for the holidays with the Scrigit Scraper. Purchase a pack for yourself and several for all the stockings of your friends and family! Scrigit Scrapers can be purchased on Amazon. 

Follow Scrigit Scraper on social media for tips and suggestions of how to keep your home grime-free this holiday and winter season!

Where will you use your Scrigit Scraper?

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