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Relax and Release Your Inner Painter in Training with Paint by Shadow Kits from Chirpwood #MBPHoliday20

 Thank you to Chirpwood for sending product in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

A couple of months ago, the girls and I brought some small canvases and acrylic paints with us to Gram's house. The goal, in my mind, was to give Gram the opportunity to try something different for her, that would allow her to de-stress and relax (while making awesome memories with her great-granddaughters). One thing I did not consider was the fact that Gram has never really painted before and because of that she had a really difficult time deciding what she wanted to paint. So, instead of it being a nice calming activity for her, she was a bit overwhelmed by it.

Fast forward to today- I recently heard about Chirpwood's Paint by Shadows kits and immediately thought of Gram. 

About Chirpwood's Paint by Shadows Art Kits

Painting by shadows is everything that paint-by-numbers is...and everything paint-by-numbers isn't. That's the word from Chirpwood
"It is relatively easy-yes.  It gives as good or better results.  But you are painting, not coloring with paint!  Short, but high quality written instructions are included along with accompanying videos. When you finish, you will have your versions of beautiful licensed works of art from working artists!
Everything you need to paint beautiful art, even if you are a beginner! You can choose from Multi-Canvas Kits or Masterpiece Kits. Either way, you can have fun, produce art you are proud of, and learn a bit about the basics of acrylic painting."

We reached out to Chirpwood and they sent us the beautiful "Flowers" Multi-Canvas Art Kit . There are six gorgeous shadow art images on differently sized canvases so one could 'test the waters' and start off small, graduating to the largest (13"x 9") canvas as they become more comfortable and confident in their painting skills. 

Sneak peek at a few of the smaller canvases

The 13"x 19" canvas is stunning- I can't wait to see it once Gram finishes it!

The acrylic paints, stick frame, and some paperwork with directions and information about Bridge2Rwanda, a scholars program that Chirpwood donates 50% of its' profits to!

Gram will love being able to release her inner painter without having to worry about trying to decide what to paint. It will be an excellent way for her to unwind, experience more new things, and add some fantastic art pieces (with her own personal touch) to her walls. I know she'll be so pleased to show all of 'her' pieces off to visitors and I can hardly wait to see the finished products. 

Want It? Get It!

I know that Gram is not going to be the only one excited about the awesome paint kits from Chirpwood. Visit their website today to order yours! The kits would make a great gift for people looking for a way to unwind through a creative outlet or those who just like to paint. I know both of my girls (12 & 8) are going to be pretty envious of Gram's gift this year and will likely be wanting and (asking for) paint by shadow kits of their own. 
 Also, be sure to check out all of the other fantastic gift ideas that Chirpwood has to offer, like having your own photos printed on canvas and their Notions Collection.

You can connect with Chirpwood on Instagram and Facebook.

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