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Natural Disasters in Florida

 A natural disaster is an unfortunate event. Because of natural disasters, damages happen to property and life. Any unfavorable situation will not rise to the level of a disaster if it occurs in an empty area without causing any harm to the population though.

Human activities are also responsible for natural disasters. When hazards meet vulnerability, disasters occur.  

People who face a disaster can go through emotional anguish. Some symptoms are common responses to disasters before, during, and after the disaster, such as feelings of anxiety, constant worrying, trouble sleeping, other depression, etc. Many people can recover from their situation with the help of their family, friends, or community. 

North America’s climate has changed, and some societally relevant changes have been attributed to anthropogenic causes (very high confidence). Recent climate changes and individual extreme events demonstrate both impacts of climate related stresses and vulnerabilities of exposed systems (very high confidence). Many climate stresses that carry a risk—mainly related to severe heat, heavy precipitation, and declining snowpack—will increase North America's frequency or severity in the next decades (very high confidence). And Florida is not alien to natural disasters at all. 

Here we try to provide some basic ideas about Florida's five common and devastating natural disasters. 


Every year, Because of arson, lightning, and debris burning, etc.- thousands of acres of wildland and many homes are damaged and destroyed by fires that can erupt at any time of the year. This situation is growing because of the rising of the world population and unplanned community. To protect this situation and natural disasters, people should be more conscious about population growth. 

2006, May 7, clouding the skies with smoke, a number of wildfires burned in Eastern Florida. The Areca Fire is destroying palmetto, pines, and grasses along the Interstate-95 corridor 6,000 acres, the fires' most massive. A CNN report says that fire smoke closed roads in the region, the interstate, and enforced about 1,000 people from their homes. NASA’s Aqua satellite-The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) captured this image of the Areca Fire. Over the Atlantic Ocean, the fire itself is outlined in red, and a thick plume of smoke blows east. The areca fire was 80% contained as per The National Interagency Fire Center. 


Flooding is one of Florida's most repeated and common disasters.

Flood can happen at any time of the years. 

Florida is surrounded by three sides of water, but the whole state is built atop an organic network of underground aquifers connecting each and every lake, spring, inlet, and channel to the Everglades, Gulf, and of course, the Atlantic. This is true from Pensacola to Key West.

Basically, you can't go anywhere in Florida without hitting the wet stuff, and sometimes the water hits back. Thanks to the bevy of storms that pound the shores every year, flooding is a basic reality of life in the Sunshine State.

A flood can be caused by many reasons. River flooding, heavy rainfall etc. can increase the risk of flood. To protect your community, you should learn what flood threats are. It includes: 

  • Try to determine if there are rivers or creeks that can cause floods rapidly.

  • Is your home situated in a low-lying area?

  • Determine your home's upgrading.

Lastly, if you want to be more conscious about the flood that can happen in your area, then obtain or review the flood map for your area. You can get your overall flood risk and details. 


When people think of severe weather in Florida, they immediately think of hurricanes. But tornadoes are also a common threat in the Sunshine State.

Typically tornadoes here are relatively weak and occur most often during the summertime. They tend to begin as waterspouts that move onshore and fall apart fairly quickly.

In 2020, Tornadoes have killed 76 people in the first five months. It is already making the worst year of tornado-related deaths since 2011, the historically deadly year. 

It is a frequent and deadly situation. Property damage claim adjusters in Florida are having a hard time because of it. 

During the late winter and spring months, tornadoes can be a little spicy that threatenTampa Bay. During the spring months, by the jet stream, this must do with a clash of air masses along with strong upper-level winds fueled by strong cold fronts arising from up north still sweep through Florida. Thunderstorms are caused because of the cold, dry air clashes with the warm, humid air.  

Tropical systems can be a cause of tornadoes around us too. Tampa grows most susceptible to tropical systems during the fall season, which is the best chance for tornadoes. 

In Tampa Bay, any time of the year, a big takeaway is that tornadoes can strike. Maximum at night time tornado strikes Florida. It is always good to be conscious and well prepared for a tornado.


Tsunamis are very common and frequent in the Pacific Ocean. Because there continental plate boundaries that rim the Pacific generate the string of volcanoes and earthquake zones that are called The Ring of Fire. There have been tsunamis in undersea landslides, while earthquake-generated tsunamis are the most common. It plays the most extensive role in generating the giant's waves that occur by earthquakes. 

A new study from the University of Miami said that landslides on the undersea slopes west of the Bahamas situated in South Florida can face a small but real risk of tsunamis generated. That landslides have occurred in the distant past, perhaps causing tsunamis then, and they are assuming to occur again, according to the report of the journal Scientific. 



Any unexpected shaking of the ground caused by seismic waves through Earth’s rocks is called an earthquake. When some form of energy stored in Earth’s crust is suddenly released, seismic waves are produced. Generally, rocks masses, when straining against one another, unexpected fracture and slip. With geological faults where rocks masses move concerning each other that time earthquakes happen. The world's major fault lines are situated at the fringes of the huge tectonic plates that make up Earth’s crust.

In the midst of hurricane season, Florida also faced an earthquake, which was devastating. According to the Geological Survey, it happened more than 6 miles below the surface. Only a few geologists do surveys about Florida's earthquakes. Though earthquakes are rare in Florida, it can cause a massive distortion of the state. 

Florida is a Sunshine state. But According to historical data, this state faced lots of devastating natural disasters.

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