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Hungry this Holiday Season? Add Herr's to your snacking list! #MBPHoliday20


Thank you to Herr's for sending me these gift set in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opions are my own. 

While potato chips don't often come to mind when I think of "holiday snacks", they are often available as supplements to cheese balls or put out as a salty addition on the game-day table. The potato chip comes in many varieties and flavors that continues to become bolder every year. I am a plain-jane and stick to my plain ridged, wavy, or classic potato chip. If I really feel I need the salt, I'll venture to salt n vinegar but often avoid other flavors, except cheese curls, which I love! 

I am super excited to share Herr's Snacks with my family this holiday season. Growing up, Herr's was one of the staples in our household. Perhaps they were cheaper and available, or perhaps my parents just liked their taste. Granted, we often did a lot of our shopping at the Delaware State Line, so promixity to PA might have something to do with that too!

Herr's is the last family-owned and privately-owned major snack company in the United States. At the purchase of a potato chip factory in 1946, James Stauffer Herr started a family business that eventually developed more than 340 snack items. Herr's continues to develop new concepts and flavors while adhering to their policies of honesty, integrity, and authencity. Branded as "Herr's Forever Good", the company strives to make this true in their business practices, snack goods, and community impact. 

Commitment to finding practical and sustainable packing, commitment to recycling water usage from factory to farm, and even a commitment to keep products fresh as possible make Herr's snacks the best quality possible. 

Herr's snacks is also commited to finding ways to keep us healthy but still provide an awesome potato chip. As with anything in life, moderation is key, especially with snacks. I ..ahem.. have difficulties with portion control related to snacks, so I am glad that Herr's sent individual bags versus large family sized bags with these gift-sets. The small individual size is perfect for lunches, afternoon snacks, or traveling. Each of these bags is about an ounce that creates natural portion control due to its size. 

The first snack set I opened was this decorative gift-box selection. The Herr's Merry Christmas Gift-box arrives full of your choice between assorted snacks, assorted chips, classic chips, sensible snacking, or kettle chips. 

My snack box arrived full of Classic chips like salt and vinegar, ripple, regular, bbq, and cheese curls. This is the ultimate snack box for people like me who prefer less flavored items! This Christmas box would make a wonderful surprise to those who love chips and snacks. The decorative box could be recycled or perhaps repurposed for another household use. The chips- well, enjoy those in your stomach!

The second snack set I opened was this filled Retro Tin! The Retro Tin can arrive full of either assorted snacks or assorted chips. This tin contained some very... interesting... flavors that I wouldn't have known existed without sneaking a peak in this gift for my sister's family. 

Are you a lover of things spicy hot? Do you like odd flavorings? This tin is for you! 

Do you know someone that loves flavors such as these? Ship this tin to them and make their holidays super special! 

Some of my foundings included: baby back ribs, ranch haberno flavored chips, dill pickle chips, ketchup, and fire roasted sweet corn. As I've said, I personally lean towards less flavorful chips, but each person has their own tastes! I've tried the ketchup and they aren't too bad.. but still nervous to try things with "haberno" in the title! 

The third gift set I received is this awesome Herr's Snack Truck with 42 assorted snack bags. When they say assorted, they certainly mean assorted! This truck was filled with some classics but mostly flavors that I've never even seen before! The truck's windows and back door fold out, leaving the inside full of individual snack bags. Refold the truck back up and use it as a play toy, a storage unit for legos, or whatever you can think of! It is cardboard, so avoid liquids- but it is durable and will last a while. 

Herr's Snack Gift-sets have something for everyone, so add it to your holiday list this year! As we continue to stay home more, snacks are becoming vital to surviving remote learning, zoom meetings, and just regular Saturdays. These gift-sets will certainly cheer up your loved ones and fill their bellies too. Herr's Snacks lives up to their "Forever Good" statement so don't miss this out this holiday season!

Visit Herr's Holiday Gift Shoppe 2020 for other great gift ideas, including chocolate covered pretzels! 

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These holiday sets can be found on the Herr's Store, under Holiday Shoppe 2020.  

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