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5 Reasons Why Giving A Child Up For Adoption May Be The Right Decision


Reasons Why Giving your baby up in Louisiana May Be the Right Decision

Though some may consider their baby a gift of life, others can't say they agree. There are—and usually, the older generation scorns younger women for this—women who don't wish to be mothers. According to this article, fewer and fewer women consider motherhood in their lifetime, both in South Korea and the US. 

Some studies show that raising a child can cost a couple almost $300,000, not including college fees! Another study originating from Sweden found having one baby per family lessens carbon emissions.

But some reasons other women have are less noble, such as wanting more time to further their career or an aversion to being a stay-at-home mother. And the fact of the matter is, that's not bad or evil as many conservative people might make you believe. 

Instead of pushing through and taking your child under your wing with less love than they deserve, it's best to give them away to a couple or a mother yearning for a child to receive their love. In a way, putting your child up for adoption is showing your love towards them.

Reason #1: You're Not Ready to Become A Mother

Whether it be a feeling or a direct objective assessment, this is a valid reason to turn away from motherhood. If, for some reason, you're feeling unready or that you surmise you can't give the love and care your child deserves, don't let guilt or other people's cajoling you into motherhood put them in unneeded suffering. Though unconventional, giving a child up for adoption can actually help your kid lead a better life, one that doesn't cause mental health problems in the future due to your inexperience and lack of affection.

According to the psychosocial developmental stages by Erik Erikson, a baby falls into the first stage. Their development can either be positive trust in the future or mistrust in everyone they meet due to their mother's lack of warmth towards them. Basing on this, it's not your place to risk your child's future, and we know full well you're aware of the impact you have on them.

Reason #2: You Can't Afford To Raise A Baby

A more practical reason would be a lack of funds. As mentioned above, it's expensive to raise a child in the US, and the majority of the reason why most mothers give their child up for adoption. Some are too young and cannot find a job due to their education; others are just struggling to make ends meet. 

Some women desire to be a mother, and their financial struggle is what's holding them back. Instead of giving their children a fraction of the things they need to grow well, it's better to hand them over to people that are more than ready to care for them, physically, emotionally, and financially.

Reason #3: You're Facing Another Problem That Can Affect Your Ability To Parent Properly

Whether the woman wants to become the child's mother or not, this reason calls forth inevitable adoption. It may be because the woman is recovering from addiction or is too mentally ill to secure and care for her baby. Though adoption can cause developmental problems itself (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2804559/), one has to consider the lesser evil between the two.

Of course, the mother and healthcare worker should choose a foster family equipped to take on the child's needs. With guidance counseling, seminars, and even books some pediatricians recommend, it will not be impossible to help the child grow mentally and physically healthy despite its biological mother's hardships.

Reason #4: The Environment You're In Is Not A Positive Environment

There can be situations when the father and the mother's strain can mentally and emotionally affect the growing child. Some mothers consider the home their child will end up in, especially if it's not positive, nurturing, and peaceful, and may serve as the catalyst for their decision to put their child up for adoption.

Reason #5: They Consider Their Current Family As Complete

Some couples plan their family down to the very last child and can be due to their financial situation which sets a limit to how many they can adequately care for. Thus, when an accident happens and the woman becomes pregnant, this can be one reason they put it up for adoption (despite having other children). 

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