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Happy National Sandwich Day!


Not only is today voting day, but it is also National Sandwich Day! So what better way to celebrate voting than to enjoy a yummy sandwich afterward. Sandwiches are an all-encompassing food because you pretty much can make anything into a sandwich! It can also be eaten at any time of the day, too! 

Sandwiches tend to get a bad wrap because most of us are stuck remembering days filled with school lunch sandwiches. The ones where the bread would be soggy from the mayo or you'd be in a rush to eat your PB&J so it sticks to the roof of your mouth as you're eating it. Most of my school days were filled with turkey or ham and cheese sammies with mayo that would inevitably make my stomach hurt by the end of the day. So as adults, a sandwich may not always be our first choice when it comes to meals, but it can also bring a sense of comfort as well. 

I remember my mom making sandwiches with soup when I wasn't feeling well, and that's usually what I want when I'm sick now. I pack them for my lunch at work, but I do tend to get tired of the same ol' turkey and cheese with mayo and mustard. Why do we feel like we have to be stuck in such a rut when it comes to eating sandwiches. We need to let our creativity out when making them because like I said before, pretty much anything can be a sandwich!

Go look in your fridge at your leftovers, what type of sandwich can you create out of them? Do you have meatloaf and mashed potatoes? Whip up some gravy, slice that meatloaf thin, heat up those potatoes, and toast some thick bread. Use the mashed potatoes as a spread on the bread, add a small layer of gravy, then add sliced meatloaf, and more gravy. This can be eaten as a regular sandwich or as an open-faced sandwich. The same goes for those Thanksgiving leftovers we'll all have in a few weeks! 

Do you have pancake mix, sausage or bacon, eggs, and cheese? How about making your own breakfast sandwich with pancakes as the bread? This is a fun way to get the kids involved in the kitchen and to eat their breakfast! How about a biscuits and gravy sandwich? We do this in my house from time to time if we have leftover cream gravy. Cook up biscuits, re-heat gravy on the stove and add cooked-crumbled sausage to the biscuit, and cook up some bacon. Add a thin layer of your gravy to the biscuits and then add your bacon over top. You can add eggs and cheese to this if you'd like, which we do on occasion, but not always. It's a different take on biscuits and gravy and we really enjoy it. We've also made this with texas toast as well!


One of my absolute favorite sandwiches is a grilled ham and cheese with pickles. It's so simple and easy to make, and it is extremely satisfying! Pair it with a bowl of tomato soup and you've got an excellent lunch or dinner. Sandwiches don't have to be boring and stale, with a little imagination, they can go from lunchroom disaster to a 5-star masterpiece.

What type of sandwich will you make today?

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