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Give The Gift of Safety With Console Vault, The Original In-Vehicle Safe, #Review + #Giveaway, #MBPHoliday20

Thanks so much to our friends at Console Vault for sending me a Console Vault in exchange 
for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

My husband is one of the hardest people in the world to shop for when it comes to gift-giving. I love him dearly, but he really has very few hobbies and the ones that he does have are so expensive. One of his few hobbies is cars, and what do I mean by that? Well, if he could collect them, he would, if he can modify them, he will! He's always wanting to stand out from the crowd when it comes to his vehicle but boy can that get expensive! 

With Christmas right around the corner, I really have been struggling with ideas for him that won't break the bank. He recently purchased a 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL and with that purchase comes a long list of upgrades and modifications that he wants to do. Knowing that I would never purchase something expensive without his knowledge, I knew that I had to get creative with something for his Jeep. One thing he has mentioned over the years of being Jeep owners is how unsecured they are when the top and doors are off. This leaves your valuables exposed to anyone who might walk by. I'm usually tasked with storing these items in my purse while we're out, but I knew there had to be something out there that would eliminate this issue for us. So when I came across the Console Vault, I knew I had found the answer to our issue and also my aching back! 

So what is Console Vault? Console Vault is an in-vehicle safe, that keeps your valuables safe and concealed in your middle console. They are specifically made for your vehicle's year, make and model so that it fits inside your car securely. We have a 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL, and since it's so new, there are not a lot of aftermarket parts available, however, Console Vault DID have one for his exact vehicle! We chose the Barrel Key Lock, Console Vault, which retails for $269.00. Below are some of the features from Console Vault's Website.


  • Heavy Gauge cold rolled plate steel with welded tabs and notch seams
  • Superior triple guard locking system resists prying
  • Drill-resistant locks
  • Easy 10-15 minute installation
  • Secures inside your factory console
  • Perfectly balanced spring-assisted door

When the package arrived, I couldn't wait to open it and see exactly what it looked like and if it would be easy to install. The Console Vault comes in two pieces and also includes the hardware, key, and instructions on how to install it. My plan was to install it myself after he goes to bed and then surprise him with it in the morning, unfortunately, he saw it before I could hide the box and immediately became suspicious. I had to spill the beans, but it worked out because not only was he completely shocked by his gift, he was so excited to put it together and install it in his Jeep! 

After looking over the instructions and watching a video from the website on how to install the Console Vault, he was pretty confident that it would be a fairly quick and simple process. Installing the console vault into the center console was easy and fast for my husband, both pieces fit securely into each other inside of the center console and is secured by snug fitting screws that don't actually screw into the plastic. My hubby was pretty impressed with the fact that it is completely secure in the center console, but there is no damage to your vehicle at all. The whole process took him about 12 minutes to install and he really seemed to enjoy the entire process!

Now, my husband is a bit of a skeptic, and he kept saying that there's no way it could be secure and stay in place. He shook the console vault, tried to pry it out with some of his tools, drove down some really terrible, pothole-filled roads, and nothing. It stayed in place, no rattling, no budging, it's not going anywhere which makes us feel at ease storing our items in there. So far we've been using the Console Vault to store our dash cam and other valuables when we're out shopping or getting a bite to eat, but we will be using it soon to store something else. Once Covid has settled down, and we're a bit more comfortable to do more traveling, we'll be using the Console Vault to store and secure our firearm. 

My family takes firearm safety very seriously, and it is extremely important to us to make sure that we do our part to secure them legally and safely. We'd never drive without ours being locked safely inside our vehicle, and I feel confident that when the time comes, we won't have to worry about anything happening to ours. Since the Console Vault fits into the middle console of your vehicle, it is completely concealed by it so you're the only one who'll know it's there. 

My husband couldn't be happier with the Console Vault. He now feels safe keeping his items in the vehicle when the top is off, and he no longer has to worry about how he'll secure his firearm in the vehicle. Since installing it, he can't stop talking about it, telling his friends about it, and sending them pictures and links to Console Vault's website. He has suggested it to a few of his female co-workers as a Christmas gift for their husbands, and I agree that it would make a great gift for any car enthusiast. Which is perfect because our friends at Console Vault are giving one away to one of our lucky readers! Thank you so much, Console Vault!


Are you interested in getting a Console Vault for yourself or a loved one? If so, head on over here to check them out for yourself. While you're at it Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Console Vault. To be eligible to enter and win, your vehicle must be listed on their website. 

Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+. Just use the RC form below to enter for your chances to win. 
*Please keep in mind that MBP is not responsible for fulfilling prizes. You can find complete details for our giveaway policies on our policies page.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays! 

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