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Gift Them the Hair Accessory They'll Really Love This Holiday Season- Bani Bands! #MBPHoliday20

Thank you to Bani Bands for sending product in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

I am the mom of two girls and I am HORRIBLE at doing hair. We all wear our hair at a medium-long length, but aside from a few simple styles, I can't channel the talent that seems to come naturally to so many other 'girl moms'. 

This fact used to really bother me, but once I realized my girls didn't care so much about how 'fancy' their hair looked, we focused on the important reason one styles their hair- to keep it out of their face! My personal go-to is a hair tie, but these seem to really bother the girls' heads if they wear them longer than a few hours. Barrettes are nice, but because they have their Mama's thick hair, they don't all work out so well and the ones that do disappear pretty quickly. Headbands seem to be the preferred go-to for both girls, but finding just the right ones can be a challenge, especially with the sizes, so when we hear about Bani Bands I was very interested in learning more. 

About Bani Bands

Bani Bands is a Veteran-owned business created out of the need to solve the problem of headbands that: a) slide out of place even on the easiest of workouts, b) give headaches after wearing for a short time, and c) cause the wearer to get hot when working out and wearing headbands. Owner/Designer, Renee Hanson, kept coming across "super cute" headbands that she was unable to use because they either slipped out of her hair or were too tight for her head. Her sister, Bonnie, began sewing custom headbands for her and after a while, they added an adjustable strap and the company's unique "Soft-Grip" velvet backing and used some of the hottest trend top ribbons to create the original Bani Band in 2008. 

Over the years they have designed and made other types of headbands to meet consumer demand, including the latest line of sweatbands made with patented Coolcore fabrics.

Bani Bands sent us the 10 Headband Mystery Combo Pack and the Sequins Mixer: 3 Pack. Each headband is stylish and the girls are really pleased with how well they fit, how easy they are to adjust, and the fact that they do what they are supposed to- stay on and keep hair out of their faces.

The girls loved how well their Bani Bands worked when they ran outside for a quick bit of kicking the soccer ball around before the rain picked back up. 

They are so comfortable, the girls don't mind wearing Bani Bands even if they're just sitting around having a snack and catching an episode of a favorite show!

We are so impressed with the headbands we received that we have been browsing the Bani Bands website for the other styles the girls would like to add to their collection. There are so many great colors and patterns available AND they are so reasonably priced, which this Mom really appreciates

More skinny bands in solid colors will definitely need to be added to our Bani Bands collection

Also loving the width (and available colors) of the Bantek bands!

Want It? Get It!

Bani Bands Headbands would make a great add on to a holiday outfit you might be gifting. You could also add them to a self-care package you might be gifting or use them as a stocking stuffer! Go ahead and visit the Bani Bands website today and see which of their fabulous headbands you want to scoop up for gift-giving this year.

You can connect with Bani Bands on TwitterFacebookPinterest, and Instagram


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  1. Those are really pretty! My hair is fine so headbands are not flattering on me however these are a great gift idea!


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