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Thank you to Prosperity  for providing me with these candles in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 

As the weather turns cooler, I find great comfort sitting near a burning candle with a cup of tea and a blanket. Firepits, Fireplaces, and Candle flames have always been soothing for me, forcing me to calm down and breathe in the scents. 

Do you know someone like this? Prosperity Candles are meant for the souls that love scented candles, calming and relaxing atmospheres, and those who love to support small sustainable businesses with important missions. 

Prosperity Candle provides wonderful candles with a purpose. Created in 2009, three like-minded people found themselves founding a company that would support poverty stricken women through the creation of artisan candles. Supporting refugees, supporting small business owners, and supporting women business leaders are values of Prosperity Candle's company. Their story is difficult, but in the end, they are able to provide quality, well-made gifts that support the refugee population in Massachusetts. 

I love gifting items that have a purpose, that support the economic well-being of women, but especially those who are seeking refuge in our country. For many artisans, this is the first living-wage they have ever received! I am excited to be able to send a Prosperity Candle gift-set to one of my family members this holiday season! 

Prosperity Candle uses all natural soy, coconut waxes, pure cotton for wicks, and essential oil based fragrances for the scents. One of Prosperity's missions is to make sustainable products, using only ethically sourced materials made in the United States.  Waxes are vegan and biodegradable. Candle vessels (the ceramic containers) and gift boxes are also recyclable and reusable. 

Winter Treats Gift Set 

Prosperity Candle sent me the Winter Treat Gift Set and a Winter Tree Candle. Each candle is hand-made from one of the ten people working together at Prosperity Candle. Each beautiful candle comes with a card that contains the story of the one who made it. 

The Winter Treat Gift Set allows the customer to pick the candle scent. This set arrived with a Lemongrass + Green Tea handmade candle, a box of McCrea's Black Lava Sea Salt Caramels, and a small box of matches. 

I requested that the Winter Treat gift set come with a Lemongrass/Green Tea candle. This scent is not overpowering at all. I'm not much of a lemongrass fan, but the person who will receive this gift will absolutely love it! She burns candles all the time and loves fragrances that are not overpowering, such as this one. 

The candle in this set was made by Moo Kho. Born in Burma (Myanmar), Moo Kho fled persecution and found herself in a refugee camp on the Thailand Border. After 4 years in that camp, Moo Kho made her way to the United States. She joined Prosperity Candle in 2010 and oversees the candle production and training parts of the company. She lives in Massachusetts with her four daughters and husband.

The Winter Tree Candles, which is included in the above gift-set, and sold separately, are absolutely beautiful! The ceramic base that houses the candle is hand-poured and decorated with a tree and dots (probably to represent snow). These Candles contain about 45 hours of burn time but after  you are done, use your ceramic with other votives or for another purpose! 

Each candle contains a paper topper with the phrase "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. " (Harriet Tubman). Prosperity Candle workers all have dreams that they want to achieve.  Working for Prosperity Candle is helping each woman become one step closer to her own dream. 

Included match boxes display the phrase "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." (Audrey Hepburn).  We all know that we need each other and community. I love this phrase because it reminds us to care for one another in love in the best ways that we can!

I also received a Winter Tree Candle in peppermint and lavender.  This candle is already burning in my home. The scent is really relaxing and envelops the entire room. Lavender and Peppermint is the way to go if you need to be calm and destress! 

The Peppermint Winter Tree Candle was made by Madeleine. Born in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), she relocated to the United States with her children in 2017. Prior to joining Prosperity Candle, she spent her time juggling English classes, taking care of her family, and working to support her family. Now, she lives in Western Massachusetts and is connected to a Congolese community while caring for her children and dreaming of being a geriatric nurse. 

Prosperity Candle sells many different types of gift sets, scented candles, and diffusers. Each product will come with a story card and gift box. Remember to personalize gift-boxes for that special someone this holiday season! You can't go wrong with a wonderfully hand-made candle as a gift from Prosperity Candle this year!

Want it? Get it! 

Visit Prosperity Candle for all of your gifting needs this year! Explore their website, make a purchase, and help a person in need grow closer to their dreams this holiday season. 

Winter Tree Individual Candle options include an unscented and twelve scented options. Candle ceramics, votives, and diffusers all have various options to help soothe and relax the minds and bodies of your loved ones. 

Whether sending a care package or stuffing a stocking, add a Prosperity Candle Gift Set to your list. There is certainly something for everyone! 

Follow Prosperity Candle for inspiration and continual support of refugees and women in poverty across the world.

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