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FunSparks Has The Perfect Game For Your Family This Christmas#MBP

Thanks to FunSparks for sending products to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

This past summer while we were vacationing at our favorite beach spot, my youngest son noticed some teenage guys playing a very intriguing game! Being an avid game-playing family, I knew I needed to investigate.

When we got back home and I began to do some research, I realized that Slam Ball is not just a beach game. It can be played anywhere, if there is enough floor space available. There are some versions of this game available but when I came across FunSparks, I was amazed at how many other amazing games they make! 

The more I looked into the website, the more excited I became to try some of these games with my two little boys. They were kind enough to send along an amazing assortment of some of their best selling games for our family and while I think my kiddos will have the best Christmas ever opening up these goodies, I knew we had to try Hook It straight away.

If you've never played, "Hook It" and we had not, the picture above is what the contents of the box look like. You simply screw the hooks into the holes on the board and you are ready to play. It is literally that simple. My son helped me screw the hooks in and both of my boys had a blast playing together. 

Actually, my husband and I are having just as much fun. We spent about 45 minutes last night before we put our kids to bed, having a tournament of sorts! It was perfect for getting that last bit of energy out at the end of a long day. What I didn't realize is that my little boys would kick their mama's tail in this game! That moment you realize your children are becoming better than you at almost everything...

Hook It  will cost you $29.99 and provide hours of endless fun for the entire family. Practice makes better at this game, so keep at it! I'm sure you have someone on your gift list that would love to receive Hook It for Christmas this year!

There are a couple of other games that I'm excited to introduce to our family over Christmas vacation. Dart boards can be a little bit intimidating when you have small children like I do, but the appeal is ever present. I remember growing up and my brother having a dartboard in his bedroom. I would sneak in and try my hand and actually became pretty accurate! 

The Magnetic Dart Board from FunSparks takes the sharp edges out and replaces them with magnets! This cool game is only $27.50 and would make the perfect gift for any young (or not so young) person in your life.

I would still suggest for very small children to be supervised as these are hard magnets, but my kids are 8 and 9 and can play this game on their own. It helps with hand/eye coordination so much! The brain actually becomes trained to tell the hand to throw the dart where the eye is looking. This is the perfect game for a chilly winter day indoors. 

If you're looking for an outdoor game, give Jazzminton a try, for only $34.99. Hours of fun will be had while your entire family plays in the yard or at your favorite park.

Jazzminton is like badminton, but better! The birdies can be used inside while the balls perform best outdoors. No net is necessary for this fun game. Find yourself a friend, or two or three and you'll soon discover you're breaking a sweat without even realizing it. I'm super excited to play this game with my little family of four. My little boys have been playing ping pong and regular badminton for years so this game is right up their alley! 


If you're stumped as to what to get the game lover on your list, look no further than FunSparks. They have an enormous selection of games and activities. There is truly something for everyone. Head over to their website if you want to purchase one of their amazing games and also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter to stay connected. 

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We are so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with FunSparks for this year's Holiday Gift Guide! Make sure to head over and check out all of the other gift ideas we have linked in our various guides!




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