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Family Game Night From a Book!

I love to read and on my trip to Barnes and Noble, I found 2 cute books that I can use as games for game night.  I love family game night.  I think it is super important to have bonding time and just be silly.   It is also pretty fun to learn new things about each other. I think game night is important because it allows a family to get out of their own minds and be creative together.  We are all struggling with things and most times it is easiest to hide it from your family because we think it is best to handle alone.  In my experience, having my family has helped me through a lot.  I tend to be more serious and have a hard time relaxing and letting my fun side come out.  I know it is in there, but I've had to be more mature from an early age so I struggle to find that part of me.
Since only my husband and I have been home, we have been playing with these questions in the books and I think we have learned a lot about each other.  Having been together so long, it is interesting to know what ticks inside his mind.  The books were in the clearance section at $8.00 each but they were a good investment for me.  

Have you ever found a game from a book?
What do you play to learn more about your family and friends?


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