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Thank you to TREND Enterprises for these games in exchange for my review! All thoughts are my own!

Is screen fatigue real in your home? I know it is in mine and I also hear it from my family and friends with kids . Between the latest Netflix drop, virtual school, and constant Zoom meetings, we are all looking for ways to gather together and have fun without screens. Once a thing of the past, family game nights have made a comeback. Instead of another Friday night with chutes and ladders or Monopoly, add some new and exciting games to your stock! 

This holiday season, gift your family a game night that is full of twists, challenges, and fun! TREND Enterprises recently introduced six new card games with very interesting themes and characters. Surely, each family member will be able to find a favorite game to test the wits and brains of all around the table! All of these games are great, regardless of whether you are staying at home or on the road traveling this holiday season. 

Gnomes Vs Trolls is recommended for players age 4 and up. Cards are divided into gnomes, trolls, and treasure. The goal is to protect your treasure cards by surrounding it with gnomes, who will love and care for your treasure. If your treasure goes unguarded too long, the evil tricky trolls will find it and steal it away! This card game of chance is all about the luck of the draw- the card you draw helps determine your fate! The ultimate goal is to protect as much treasure as possible. This game is great for families with children, for families who love to out-wit and out-trick each other, and for families that want an easy night of fun that doesn't require much thinking. In this 30 minute 2-4 player game, you will quickly discover who the gnomes and trolls are as you watch your treasure grow.. or shrink! 

Gemz will be sure to grab the attention of your little ones with its colorful patterns and designs! Draw cards from the pile to determine how you will proceed building your unique gem. The goal is to gather six of the same- colored cards to create a gem and win! But it's not as easy as it looks- you may encounter SWAP cards (like lose a turn or lose a card)  or different colored cards that don't fit your own gem, allowing your opponent to grow their gem faster than you. Recommended for ages 4 and up, this 2-4 player game will provide 15-30 minutes of fun as you build your Gems! 

Lava Lizards will be sure to delight the reptile lover child in your family! Pick a card to discover your lizard's color and try to match the best you can. If you can't match, the lizard is discarded. The goal is to either link your lizards together in the pattern you choose to play or to find as many pairs as you can before the Lava Rock erupts! Each Lava Lizard game comes with great instructions for helping you figure out easy playing patterns for your family game night. Recommended for ages 4 and up- Lava Lizards can be played solo or up to 4 players for about 15 minutes! 

EnCOWnter is a mission based card game. Aliens must figure out how to complete their mission by capturing three earthly things before time runs out! The issue- along the way, aliens will be sure to encounter mishaps that will send them off course. These mishaps allow other players to get ahead, so choose how to use your cards wisely. Recommended for ages 6 and up, this 2-4 card game will definitely help the most mission minded alien win in 15 minutes. 

On Track is one of the more competitive games of this set. For ages 8 and up, with 2-4 players, this card game requires strategies and goals to finish your train track!  Younger members of the house might struggle if they get frustrated easily because it does require some wits to build your train track. The goal is to connect your train to the terminal, using either a card from the deck, or a hidden supply card. But be careful- those supply cards might derail you train faster than you think. Each player builds their track across a certain terrain/ country side, and let's face it- no matter where the train is built, there will be obstacles to keep the track moving forward! Track cards are three sided, so you have many choices and directions to build your tracks! 

Finally, SqWATCH Out will be the Big- Foot Lover's dream. The goal is to find proof of Big Foot's existence- but watch out, the forest is a scary place to be! The higher the score card- the deeper into the woods you travel, perhaps glimpsing Big Foot along the way. Yet, risk-cards and proof cards might foil your challenge along the way. SqWATCH Out- flipping a card might prove Big Foot's existence or might put you on the failed attempt list! This 45 min card game is for 2-4  players and due to the strategy involved to find Big Foot, it's recommended players ages being 8  and up! 

I am excited to give my niece and nephew the opportunity to test out their skills with Trend Enterprise card games! I know that A., my 10-yr old niece, will love both the EnCOWnter and Gnomes Vs. Trolls games! I think she will also enjoy playing Lava Lizards by herself! She loves figuring out patterns and colors to solve a problem! My almost 7 yr old nephew will absolutely want to play SqWATCH out, but I hope he doesn't get too frustrated with it! I also know he will love to try On Track and EnCOWnter as well! 

Waiting in anticipation of holiday gifts and playing new games! 

These card games can be played anywhere! EnCOWnter, Gemz, and Lava Lizards are especially made for traveling and playing in smaller spaces (think camping, hotel rooms, outside patios!) but I think all games require minimal space to place. 

Best of all- all games are FUN and will delight each of your family members as new adventures are taken! These are the best new card games to get your kids (and yourself!) to interact off screen and have family fun time together! 

If you are looking for gift ideas, these card games will beat the Monopoly and Video Game blues! Add some character and excitement to your holiday gifts this year with Trend Enterprises' Family games! 

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Gemz, Lava Lizards, Gnomes and Trolls, EnCOWnter, SqWATCH Out, and On Track. 

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  1. Lava Lizzards sounds very interesting

  2. I think that Gnomes Vs Trolls sounds like a fun game.

  3. I think my granddaughters would enjoy Gnomes vs Trolls since they like the Trolls movie.

  4. The Sqwatch Out game looks like it will be fun to play also.

  5. I would like to play the Gnomes vs Trolls™ Three Corner™ Card Game.

  6. I would love to get the Gnomes vs Trolls Three Corner Card Game

  7. Gnomes v trolls looks like fun! My little guy would love so many of these!

  8. Squatch out sounds fun! Michelle j


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