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Essential Medical Supplies That You Need in Your Home




Medical emergencies are a source of great anxiety. Pain, injuries, or flare-ups of pre-existing conditions can turn a calm day into a critical situation. Moreover, such events just seem to occur at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected ways. 

According to medical professionals, the response time for any medical emergency makes a significant difference.  It is for this reason that being prepared for such eventualities is so important. Basic medical supplies could save a life or at the very least help you cope until you can seek medical attention. You also might want to consider getting CPR trained and certified.

Here are some essential medical provisions that you could consider stocking up on.


Antihistamines are medications that are used to counter allergic reactions. They vary based on the allergic reaction as different allergies present in a myriad of ways. It could be a stuffy nose, an itchy rash, or teary eyes. Subsequently, there are topical, tablet, and eye-drop antihistamines. 

There are, however, more hazardous kinds of allergies that result in fast-accelerating swelling and asphyxiation. When air supply to the brain is cut off, it could lead to irreversible damage and even death. They require immediate administration of an EpiPen to alleviate medical symptoms followed by a hospital visit.

The best way to avoid allergies is to stay away from your allergens. Nevertheless, sometimes contact with them is inevitable. As such, it is best to always keep physician-prescribed antihistamines on hand for your or your loved ones. Similarly, if you, anyone in your household, or a frequent guest suffers from diagnosed anaphylactic reactions, always keep an EpiPen in your home.

Home-care Medical Devices



Chronic medical conditions, like diabetes or hypertension, require constant monitoring. Medical experts highly recommend this as identifying deteriorating symptoms early and seeking help could help prevent severe complications. If you or your loved ones suffer from such conditions, it is advisable to invest in:

A Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Doctors recommend that patients check their blood pressure levels every day at the same time. A prompt check is also recommended if you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness, or disorientation. A home-use BP machine would come in handy when adhering to these stipulations as you can use it at your convenience. Aim for reliable brands that are accurate and easy to use.

A Blood Sugar Monitor

If you are diabetic, sugar levels are a critical factor. When they are not properly monitored, they can result in organ damage or quickly become life-threatening. A compact portable blood sugar monitor is, therefore, a must-have.  

A Thermometer 

Numerous conditions present with fever. From the common cold to bacterial infections and more recently, the Coronavirus. It is imperative to seek medical attention for an adult whose body temperature is over 103 F. For children, a temperature of 102 F is sufficient cause for alarm. To monitor such levels you would need a home thermometer.


The Coronavirus has been a learning curve even for adept medical experts. However, all evidence thus far indicates that points of contact are a major risk of transmission. The virus can live on surfaces in your home or car long enough for someone else to come in contact with it. Devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are also high-contact areas you would do well to be keen on.

Alcohol-based sanitizer and sanitizer wet wipes may be a basic requirement for a whole yet. According to CDC guidelines brands with 60-95% alcohol composition are the most effective. If you find that your hands are sensitive to hand sanitizer, you could use running water and soap while at home. 

Wound Care Supplies



Your skin acts as a protective barrier for your internal organs. When you suffer cuts or scrapes, the barrier is broken. As a result, it becomes easy for germs to enter your system. This is why when wounds are not well attended to, they tend to get infected and fester. In severe cases, such infections can lead to life-threatening sepsis. 

Depending on the severity of the wound, bleeding is also a pertinent concern. Cuts in areas like the wrist, neck, or femur are dangerous as vital blood vessels could easily get punctured. It is recommended that you try to stop the bleeding by putting pressure on the wound even as you seek medical assistance.

In light of these risks, you should visit an online wholesale medical equipment supplier to conveniently purchase any items you may need to fill your first aid kit up and keep your home supplies adequately stocked. To help be prepared in case of an emergency, it would be wise to keep a sufficient supply of the following items:

  • Sterile gauze- it is helpful for cuts and bleeding

  • Band-Aids

  • Antiseptic for cleaning wounds 

  • A few pairs of gloves 


The grim statistics surrounding painkiller addiction and other related ramifications, make painkillers a difficult discussion. However, the truth is, from time to time, you may find yourself in need of them for headaches, cramping, or similar day-to-day aches. 

It is best to always consult your doctor before self-medicating for pain. Some painkillers may be contraindicated for you if you have other underlying conditions like heart disease or pregnancy. That said if you do opt for over-the-counter medication, use it in utmost moderation.

Alternatively, you could explore non-medicinal pain management methods that you can administer at home. They include:

  • Meditation

  • Massages

  • Heating pads or hot water bottles

  • Aromatherapy


Basic medical essentials are not in any way a substitute for proper medical attention. The goal here is only to be prepared to mitigate emergencies. More so now that the world is in a pandemic and healthcare workers, including paramedics, are overwhelmed. 

Always seek professional medical assistance whenever necessary, and remember to replenish your supplies after use.

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