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Common Ailments in Young Children and the Best Products for Them

 Children are incredibly susceptible to a range of minor health complaints that can keep them up at night. If you want to avoid an angry and distressed baby or toddler and the accompanying tantrum, here is a list of some of the most common childhood ailments in young children and want you to improve their health and happiness. 

Growing Pains 

Growing pains can start from as young as age 3 or 4 and can lead to your child experiencing aching legs and knees, as well as abdominal pain and even headaches. This can be uncomfortable for your children and distressing if they have never had these types of pain before. To make sure that your toddler can keep running about with high spirits, you should look to invest in a heat pad to soothe the discomfort they are experiencing. Relaxing essential oils can also help to unwind the tension in their legs and ensure that they can sleep and play peacefully. 

Lip and Mouth Sores

If your toddler or baby dribbles and drools often, this can lead to uncomfortable sores developing around the mouth and chin area. Your toddler can often worsen by itching and scratching the affected area. Your child may also experience skin issues if they have naturally dry or chapped lips or if you are an active family, and they spend a lot of time outside. If this is the case, you should consider investing in dribble proof lip balm from Toddle Born Wild for your little one that can soothe the affected area and leave them with moisturized lips and a happy smile. 

Teething Pains

There is nothing worse than a toothache, as you might know, if you have ever needed a filling or a similar dental procedure. However, this is even worse for your young child, and many babies and toddlers experience a lot of pain as their milk teeth grow through. This can leave them unable to sleep and reluctant to eat. To ensure that you can get your bubbly baby back before long, you should consider investing in granules and gels, which can help your baby stop noticing their new teeth as they come through their gums. You may also consider investing in teething mittens and toys, which can help to provide them with relief from their pain and stop them from hurting themselves. Don’t worry, teething pains are normal. If you need a professional opinion, you can seek dental expertise from the Lancaster Dentist which sees patients of all ages.

Pink Eye

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is most common in kids and can leave them with red, sore, swollen, and watering eyes throughout the day. Babies can also contract conjunctivitis. The condition is also infectious, meaning that you need to be careful to get rid of this ailment as soon as possible. You can treat pink eye by investing in eye drops and a cold compress for the eyes, which you can get over the counter from a pharmacist. You can also clean the eye with cotton wool, gauze, and clean, warm water.

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