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Aluminium Sliding Doors - The Ultimate Option For Your House


The robust and versatile nature of aluminium has made it a preferred material for construction liked by homeowners and architects. The metallic shine and sleek look of aluminium along with a number of colour options at Betaview nowadays have debunked the misconception about the metal. It comes in the standard silver colour and doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics. That is why it is easy to build all the doors out of aluminium frames, one of the common forms are sliding doors. Aluminium sliding doors can add value to your home without compromising strength and security. 

Some of the key benefits of Aluminium sliding doors that make them an ultimate option are mentioned below - 

Stylish - Glass doors add elegance to the living space. Complicated and Bulky frames may tarnish the beauty by gaining unwanted attention. With sliding doors minimum is highlighted. They are thin but sturdy, provide an unobstructed view and are perfect in functionality. They are available in a wide range of frames and shades.  You can change the silvery shine of aluminium to charcoal grey or bold black with powder coating technique. You may also select between a glossy finish or a matte texture. 

Space Maximisation - Many times, homeowners hesitate to install glass doors and in small rooms due to the risk of reducing the carpet area. With sliding doors and windows, arcspace is not required. They are built with a minimum frame whereas glass doors slide adjacent to one another. You can put a piece of furniture just next to the sliding door and enjoy the beautiful views. If you want to create an Illusion of space for the room you can install a mirroring glass in the door. 

Low Maintenance - No one wants to spend hours attending to the doors and windows. With dust and pollution and dirt, cleaning every door of the house becomes necessary. With Aluminium sliding doors, cleaning is effortless. You do not require harsh window cleaners for the glass panes. For frames, cleaning

agent, a clean damp cloth, simply pointed brush is required. You may lubricate the rails with oil or special lubricant. Doing all this does not take a lot of time and it is simple. 

Energy Efficiency - A misconception with Aluminium is that being a metal, it cannot provide insulation against heat. Although as metal, aluminium has great thermal conductivity, then minimum frames nowadays are made using the thermal break technology that makes them highly energy-efficient. The thermal breaks create a bridge between the outer and inner layers used for zero consumable energy buildings for stop Aluminium is highly reflective making it best for places that experience solar radiation and warm climates. With this, Aluminium sliding doors heat and cold air remain within the house and you save a lot on energy bills. 


While aluminium is undoubtedly the perfect choice for sliding doors and windows for a home. It is important to choose only the highest-quality metal. Aluminium sliding doors and window frames are manufactured with international rated high-grade aluminium. Every step is taken to make your house a private sanctuary, customising the aluminium doors and windows you desire. The experts also assist everything from shopping to installation and aftercare for your choice.

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  1. We have had aluminum doors before, and I agree they are low maintenance and last a long time but sliding doors is a new one to me!


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