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A Holiday Gift to Encourage Your Super Learners' Love of Learning: Coding Classes from Create & Learn


Thank you to Create & Learn for sponsoring this post. All thoughts shared below are my own!

This school year is so weird. We had decided that it would be best to keep both girls (3rd and 8th graders) home for distance learning. Although initially, I was pretty worried about how they would handle it, as this first semester is just about wrapping up, I can see that all of my worrying was unnecessary. 

Because I get to see more of how they respond to each class and what gets them the most excited, I have been noticing that both of the girls have shown such a strong interest in lessons that allow them to create while teaching them some new skills. We've been looking into different activities, like coding for kids, and found a great new (to us) website that offers live, online, small group, technology classes. That website is Create & Learn.

About Create & Learn

Create & Learn was founded by Jessie Jiang, former Director of Product at Google along with her co-founder, a former  Senior Tech Lead who worked at both Apple and Uber. You will find online classes (teaching skills like Scratch Coding) for children, primarily in grades 2-9. In each class, the students will learn state of the art technologies and their exciting real-world applications in ways that are fun and relatable. 

What caught our eye, aside from the ability to try intro classes for free (because when you have two kids, you do tend to search for things like "how do kids code for free?" when looking for options), but also the fact that the curriculum is developed by tech and education experts. The classes are live (with a teacher offering instruction in real-time) which is definitely helpful to young students. I also appreciate that the classes are smaller, which I know would benefit both of my girls, but would do a world of good for my third-grader. 

Technology classes are a fantastic way to keep kids learning while having fun. Create & Learn has received such wonderful feedback from parents, students, and teachers alike. It is the highest-rated computer science program on Facebook, receiving a rating of 4.9 (out of 5) stars! 

Want It? Get It!

Tech classes from Create & Learn are a great gift idea for your super learners! Offering a variety of coding classes for kids you can visit the website for more information and to claim your FREE sessions!
Be sure to connect with Create & Learn on 

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  1. This sounds like a great learning resource for kids. Thanks!


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