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5 Important Tips To Protect Children's Ears At Christmas

Christmas carols, firecrackers, fireworks, noisemakers... at Christmas, loud noises and sounds increase and children's ears can suffer. 

However, there are ways to prevent your delicate ears from being damaged. For example, we cannot forget to protect our ears from the cold or to stay away from fireworks. Even while you use good hearing aids like lucid, still carelessness can lead to damage to ears.  We have more tips to protect children's ears at Christmas. 

Christmas is a time of parties, family gatherings, and travel. In this context, we not only enjoy time with loved ones, but we often find ourselves in situations with more noise than usual that can, without realizing it, take a toll on our hearing. Precautions that can be taken on Christmas celebrations to protect ears is beautifully explained on Hearingaid-guide.com. 

To prevent children's ears from suffering, we suggest you write down these tips to protect children's ears at Christmas: 

1. Earmuffs on cold days: These dates are characterized by low temperatures and nights out, for this reason, it is advisable to wear hats or earmuffs that protect the ears from the wind , rain or snow. In addition, it is better to keep this area as hot as possible, since the head is the area through which the most body heat is lost. 

2. Noise Plugs: During these days we usually go to a multitude of events and parties where the music is usually loud. In this sense, it is recommended to use earplugs, since with them hearing is not lost, but rather they mitigate high noise. Also, in party rooms, it is always better to stay away from the speakers, the music is just as good and the hearing system is not damaged. 

3. Control of Noise at Home: Those who organize parties at home should also take this point into account, and that is that if we have very loud television or music, we will not only annoy the neighbor, but we can exert damage on our ears. In this sense, it is recommended to use an adequate volume that, in addition to listening to television, for example, allows you to have a conversation without raising the tone of voice excessively.

4. Firecrackers in the Distance: These dates are also known for the fireworks displays and the firecrackers that many families throw in the streets, especially on the last night of the year. For this reason, it is always better, if you are a lover of fireworks, that you also use plugs at this time, to mitigate the noise they usually cause. 

5. Be careful with headphones: Christmas brings more leisure time and one of the most common practices, especially among the youngest, is listening to music. The use of headphones is not incompatible with good hearing, however loud sound must be avoided. The most appropriate volume is the one that allows us to understand what our interlocutor is saying, even with headphones on. 

And since the important thing these days is to enjoy and have fun, you can play without problems with tambourines, zambombas and the famous noisemakers, yes, in moderation, because making them sound in someone else's ear can make them not listen to us during the rest of the night.

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