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5 best pancakes recipes you need to try right now!


A Sunday is not Sunday unless you eat a hearty breakfast. And one of the best breakfasts is pancakes.

It is one dish that everyone loves, even kids. It is a staple, and it is soft, hot, and easy to make.

But it is also easy to mess up! That is why here are some quick tips to make sure each pancake you make comes out fluffy and soft and full of flavors.


  • To make a delicious pancake, use a cast-iron skillet or a non-stick griddle.

  • Whichever utensil you are using, make sure it is on medium hot, when you pour over the batter.

  • Never overmix your batter. Otherwise, the gluten will get tough, and the pancakes will not come out fluffy.

  • Turn the flame on high once the batter is on. Use unsalted butter if you do not want it to burn when you put it on the pan.

  • Make smaller pancakes as they are easier to flip. When you star to see bubbles on one side, it means that it is time to flip it.

Now, that we know the tips, here are some delicious pancakes recipes that you need to try.

1.      Mu Shu Pork Pancake

If you love savory pancakes, this recipe is something that you will love. It is an ancient Chinese recipe that is quite popular in Northern China. It is a luxury dish which requires stir-fried pork, scrambled eggs, wooden ear mushroom, cucumbers, and other assortments of vegetables.

After all this, you put these together and put it in a wrap which they call mandarin pancakes.

You can change the fillings, make sure that the pork and wraps remain unchanged. To find the best and authentic mu shu pork recipes, try here.

2.      Wheat pancakes with caramelized banana


For people who love to start their morning with a plate of healthy but delicious pancakes, this pancake is for you.

First, cut your banana into small pieces. In a pan, take Cane sugar or stevia and let it caramelize. Once that happens, put your banana into it and let it soak the caramelized sugar.

Now, make your fluffy pancakes using wheat flour or any flour of your choice. If you want to make eggless pancakes, use yoghurt or flaxseed flour instead of egg.

Now, put one pancake on your plate, and add banana on it. Drizzle some maple syrup or honey and add another pancake. Make a layer of it and enjoy this delicious breakfast any day of the week.

3.      Banana pancake with caramelized apples


Another healthy pancake recipe to start your day with is this banana pancake. It is easy to make, and in under 30 minutes, you can serve a hot breakfast for everyone. Since it packs the punch of two fruits, it is pretty healthy.

Use jaggery or stevia for putting into the batter and for caramelizing the apples. Do use lemon in it for making the apples golden.

This banana pancake needs no flour or eggs as the banana works as the flour and replaces eggs with baking powder and soda.

4.      Spicy oats pancakes


I love savory pancakes. And spicy oats pancakes taste amazing. All you need is some rolled or regular oats, some oats flour, and yoghurt. Mix it well and add tons of vegetables and herbs and spices of your choice. Add a bit of soda and your batter is ready.

You can make it in various ways, and each comes out well and is delicious. Also, it is healthy as oats are high in fiber which is excellent for your gut.

5.      Petite yellow lentils pancake


Everyone knows that eating a high-protein breakfast is necessary for staying fit. It keeps you full and gives you energy as well. One of the best pancakes which you can make either as vegan or vegetarian is petite yellow lentils pancakes.

Just soak the lentils overnight or buy flour which is available in any supermarket. It doesn’t even need soda, just put some herbs, spices, and vegetables. Add ricotta cheese on top and drizzle some chili flakes on top of it, and enjoy it with spicy dip or green chutney as is common in India.

Whoa! My mouth is watering and I suddenly crave pancakes. So, I am going to try the mu shu pork recipe first, and go from there. See you in the comments below.

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  1. This is an interesting list. I have never heard of Mu Shu Pork Pancakes.


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