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4 Reasons You Should Invest in Contactless Payment Systems For 2021


Contactless payment options have been the in-demand feature for businesses operating during the COVID pandemic, and it's looking like 2021 is going to continue the trend. If you're looking for reasons to make the switch to a new device, here are four great ones. Let's start with the most obvious.

1. Lower Health Risks For Your Employees

Reducing contact between your staff and customers is essential during a public health crisis, but if you really think about it, it's a good investment even when the country is not in the middle of a pandemic. Between seasonal colds, the annual flu, and nasty periodic problems like the norovirus, it's easy for customer-facing staff to get sick. That costs you money and leaves you shorthanded, even more so when you're having to manage demands for quarantine like everyone has in 2020. Low to no contact payment processing reduces the impact of these common risks as well as COVID-19.

2. The Opportunity To Update Your Payment Policies

If you haven't heard about how you can use a merchant cash discount program to accept credit cards with no monthly fee, you're leaving money on the table every month instead of adding it to your profits. Cash discount programs incentivize cash payments while passing on the additional expenses imposed by credit card processing to customers who use it. That means you have little to no costs associated with accepting electronic payments. You need a POS that offers the option like one of the Clover Station POS builds on the market today.

3. Expanded Opportunities in E-Commerce

Online sales and ordering platforms have seen a surge in consumer use this year and it's likely to continue into next year. Even with vaccine options on the horizon, containing new infections and distributing prevention measures will take time, and consumers are looking for options that minimize contact. The businesses providing it have seen across the board increases in demand, whether they're online retailers, restaurants offering home delivery, or even local stores offering online sales and delivery options in light of the pandemic. Contactless payment is the core service that makes participation in those marketplaces possible, and it's supported widely, even by mobile devices like the Clover Flex terminal.

4. Stay Open and Socially Distanced

Companies that do not have contactless options for payment are finding themselves stuck with a lot of downtime when surges in infection rates lead to local shelter in place orders and restrictions on the operations of public-facing businesses. Those that have options that do not rely on employee contact with customers are finding ways to stay open even under severe restrictions, and that makes a difference that just can not be overstated. The last year has seen an unprecedented surge of growth in a few key areas and a lot of permanent business closures. Navigating the demands of today's consumer environment is key to making sure you are navigating a path to business growth. That's the biggest reason for investing in payment and ordering options outside the usual face to face checkout system.

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