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Your Kids Will Have The Brightest Smile With Grin Oral Care #MBPHoliday20

Thanks to Grin for sending product to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

Having an "aha" moment regarding toothpaste and oral care may not be something you've experienced yet, but for me, knowledge is power and I'm so excited to now know how beneficial natural oral care truly is.

It never ceases to amaze me the sheer magnitude of naturally existing ingredients that can be used for the betterment of our health! I've been interested in natural health and wellness for many years now, but it wasn't until my family began to get cavities that I started to take a long, hard look at our oral care.

Having little ones experience cavity fillings is no walk in the park. My older son has anxiety about this and when we were told he had two cavities at 8 years old, he was devastated. Of course everyone in my family brushes regularly, but some children are more prone to cavities and we needed to begin making sure our kids were flossing at least once a day. 

We had been using some natural toothpastes in the past, but didn't pay much attention to the ingredient lists and whether or not they actually had the "right stuff" so to speak. 

I discovered Grin natural oral care products and immediately became interested in learning more about the ingredients they use to ensure cavities and bacteria are kept at bay.

This is the Grin Kids Complete Oral Care Pack which is only $36.99 and has everything your kiddos will need for a healthy, beautiful smile. With ingredients like propolis, manuka oil, organic sea salt, magnolia bark, natural hydroxyapatite, organic aloe leaf and organic calendula, Grin truly uses all that nature has to offer to combat oral bacteria without any nasty, chemical ingredients.

They also offer affordable charcoal brushes like this trio for $4.99. Charcoal is a natural antiseptic which reduces the build-up of bacteria as it also naturally whitens by gently removing pesky stains. 

I've been enjoying using the natural whitening toothpaste. It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean in a natural way. If you've been used to the overpowering, fake minty tingle from mainstream toothpastes, you may be surprised at how light the Grin toothpaste taste and aroma is. I absolutely love it!

I'm looking forward to my family having the best oral health we possibly can with Grin products. I feel good about my children brushing and even swallowing Grin toothpaste! The flossers are fun and safe to use for the entire family. 

Natural products do not remove what's necessary to fight the bad. Instead, they remove what is harmful and unnecessary and replace with natural products grown on the earth that carry innate health benefits. 

Why not toss some Grin products into everyone's stocking this year?! You might not think your kiddos would be excited to receive new brushes and fun flossers, but I challenge you to give it a try. I bet they will be more excited than ever to brush all of the Christmas cookie sugar bugs off their little chompers!

Want It? Get It!

You can check out all of the amazing products Grin has to offer and get your order placed in time for the holidays. Also, be sure to stay connected with Grin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you don't miss out!



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