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Where To Buy Under $1000 Best Projector -Online or In-Store?


Projectors nowadays are a staple at a “techy” household. People buy these projectors to install into their homes to have their very own cinema room. However, they usually don’t come cheap. Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore since there are a lot of high-quality projectors that can fit right into your budget. Now the problem is where should I buy it?

Online shopping has become popular and much preferred by a lot of people. But, if you are buying something that is costly and fragile like a projector, is it worth it to buy online? Well, we are here to help you. 

We have listed down below the pros and cons of buying projectors online and buying in-store. We want to make sure that you’ll purchase the projector under $1000 best fits your needs.

When buying online


  1. There are more brands to choose from. Online stores like Amazon often carry several brands, if not all. You’ll be able to choose different types of projectors that suit your needs.

    Apart from Amazon, you can also buy the projectors from an individual company’s website. There are several brands to choose from. Just like Prima projector. Prima is the most portable pocket projector that comes with a size of an iPhone and casts a cinema-quality video with a 200-inch projection. Thin, light, and versatile, Prima is your ultimate multimedia companion in a form of the best mobile projector! You can buy it only at $399.

  2. You can compare products easily. Since it is very easy to navigate from one listing to another, comparisons in prices and features of projectors can be easily done.

  3. You can do it in the comfort of your own home. The fact that you do not have to move from where you are seating makes projector shopping convenient enough.

  4. It is very easy to get a discount. Product coupons are very easy to find especially for technology products. Not to mention that online stores are a lot of times offer sales and discounts which makes it easy for you to purchase a projector under $1000.

  5. It can be delivered at your doorstep. All you need is pay-up and wait for it to be delivered at your door.


  1. Online shopping is prone to scams. Some sellers will trick you in buying a product and then send you something that is far-off from what it should be. Some only want to steal your information.

  2. You cannot guarantee that it will pass your expectation. Without testing it hands-on, you won’t be able to know if the projector performance is as good as it says.

  3. You might receive a broken device. There is no guarantee that they are sending a working device and the delivery service may not be credible.

  4. It may take a long time before it arrives. Some sellers or suppliers are based in states that are far from where you are.

Buying in-store


  1. The device can be tested at the store.  You’ll be able to see the projector’s performance personally and immediately figure out if it’s what you need.

  2. The staff can teach you how to navigate the device. As a first-time projector user, you might have a hard time learning how to use it. The staff at the store can teach its basics so you do not have to stress about learning it.

  3. It is faster to return or exchange. If there is something wrong with the device, just take it back to the store and they’ll replace it.

  4. You can take it home immediately.  You do not have to wait for days for it to get delivered. Take it home, install it, and enjoy your home theatre.


  1. Some stores have a limited variety of brands. You may not have a wide range of projectors that you could choose from.

You have to wait in line. The crowd in the store and the mall is stressful enough to handle.

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