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Wellness Water Filtration Systems: What you should know?


Out to buy one of the numerous wellness water filtration systems? Yes?

Read this piece then. 

There are tons of water filter in the market. Yet, unavailability of safe and drinkable water remains strong. And according to a study on Market Data Forecast, the demand for water filter will keep growing.

In essence, water filters are crucial to safe living now more than ever. Even at that, you shouldn't make a panic purchase.

Besides, do you even need a water filter? Say you do, what kinds are fit for your needs?

Understanding the different wellness water filtration systems

Indeed, there are numerous water filters. Even out of the lot, none is an all-inclusive contaminant removal.

With that cleared, let's see the usual filter systems and help you decide which to pick.

Faucet filters

As the name implies, you attach faucet filters to your faucets, and the device does the rest. Generally, there are two types of faucet filters:

Faucet-mounted filters - are affordable attachments you add to faucets to clean your water. Unfortunately, it does not work with all.

Faucet-integrated filters - unlike the mounted types, integrated filters are expensive, faster, and compatible with all kinds of faucets. But the installation process can be quite a task if you pull a DIY.

Refrigerator filters

Like faucet-integrated filters, refrigerator filters are also in-built. You would find the system in almost all refrigerators.

Can't find yours? Check the door of your refrigerator. There you will see the in-built channels that run through the doors of your fridge directly to your ice maker.

Also, refrigerator filters improve the taste of your water. It removes chemicals (mostly metallic salts) that cause aftertaste. That way, you have healthy ice cubes for your wines.

However, note that you'd change the device regularly to ensure effective filtration for your water.

Under-sink filters

Under-sink filters are another kind of integrated filtration systems. As the name implies, you install the device under your sink. That way, you have your counter space to do other things.

More importantly, under-sink systems filter a large amount of water. But, it comes at a steep price.

Water filter pitchers

Like faucet-mounted filters, water pitchers are easy to use. No installation, just place on a table, fill your water in and wait until the filtration process is complete.

Though water pitchers are effective and affordable, they take too much time. Another thing: you have to replace the filters regularly.

The whole-house water filtration system

Unlike the former methods that focus on drinking water, whole-house processes treat all the water in your home. So far, it is the best method to treat volatile organic compounds such as hexane chromium and hard water.

Of all wellness water filtration systems, whole-house water filtration system requires the most maintenance. It is expensive to establish, yet prone to any slight chlorine contamination.

Now, you know about the widely-used water treatment systems. They all have their merits and demerits.

Good news is that you can lessen the demerits when you have a professional install your water filter. A professional is also well-positioned to help with top-notch maintenance services.

Out of curiosity, which of the five systems would you use for your water filtration needs?

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